[TAND] Adonis CH39: Their former days (9)

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Chapter 39: Their former days (9)

“Last night, were you the only one at home?”

Facing Gu Yu Sheng’s sudden question, the tips of the housekeeper’s fingers trembles from nervousness. However, she quickly regains a calm facade and promptly replies, “Yes.”

Is his memory really failing him? Gu Yu Sheng furrows his brows.

“Mr. Gu?”, the housekeeper quipped, noting the lack of response from Gu Yu Sheng.

Gu Yu Sheng breaks out of his reverie.

Maybe he had really drunk too much and mistook his dream for reality. Is it not so when he previously thought he had vomited but there was nothing there when he checked?

Gu Yu Sheng reaches for the cup of water on the table and rinsed his mouth. With a simple adjustment of his clothes, he prepares to leave.

All of a sudden, as though he is reminded of something undesirable, his expression takes a turn for the worse. With a tone void from any warmth, a vast difference from the relaxed tone he previously assumed, he articulated, “Oh yeah, she should be coming back from the set. Remember to tell her to wait for me at the usual place next Wednesday, grandfather’s birthday.”

Finishing, despise filled Gu Yu Sheng’s eyes. Without any hesitation, he grabbed the hand phone on the table and walked out of the dining room.

The Gu family can be considered one of the most prestigious family in Beijing with an established centuries old family business and wide connections.

Hence, despite the celebration being limited to only close family and friends, hoards of people still came knocking on the door on Wednesday with hefty gifts with the intention to strengthen relations with the Gu family.

Nonetheless, a birthday celebration is supposed to be a happy affair and there is no reason to chase them out when they are already there. Therefore, before 5 P.M, the Gu Mansion’s living room is already half filled.

Gu Yu Sheng had only told the housekeeper to get Qin Zhi Ai to wait for him at the usual place on Old Master Gu’s birthday but did not tell her the exact meeting time.

Thus, like to the previous time when grandfather just got back from Hainan and invited them over to the main mansion for a meal, Qin Zhi Ai arrived at the small alley early in the day to wait for Gu Yu Sheng.

However, even after two hours, there is still no trace of Gu Yu Sheng.

The Summer heat is sweltering. Although Qin Zhi Ai is waiting under the shade of the small alley, she cannot avoid being soaked in perspiration. As time ticks by, an unbearable thirst started to torment her.

Moreover, Gu Yu Sheng had listed her into his blacklist, preventing her calls from getting through. As such, Qin Zhi Ai has no way to know the when he will arrive. After much contemplation, she decided to walk over to the supermarket across the road to get a bottle of iced water.

When she almost through with the bottle of water, Gu Yu Sheng’s car finally eased into the small alley.

Qin Zhi Ai threw the empty bottle into the nearby rubbish bin and boarded the car with the birthday present she prepared for Old Master Gu.

Although they have not met for more than two months, a coldness, as usual, taints Gu Yu Sheng’s expression.

Knowing Gu Yu Sheng wish to avoid her, during the car ride, she made no attempt to greet or engage him.

Due to Gu Yu Sheng arriving late, by the time they arrive at the Gu Old Mansion, the yard is already void of any available parking space, forcing them to park at the roadside outside.

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