[TAND] Adonis CH38: Their former days (8)

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Chapter 38: Their former days (8)

“Mr. Gu, you’re awake?” The housekeeper immediately stopped what she was doing when she saw Gu Yu Sheng descend from the steps.

Gu Yu Sheng made no effort to reply, heading to the dining room after a faint nod.

The housekeeper followed closely behind.

After ensuring Gu Yu Sheng has settled into his seat, she commenced on Qin Zhi Ai’s orders, serving a cup of warm honey water before heading into the kitchen to dish out a bowl of porridge Qin Zhi Ai previously prepared.

By then, Gu Yu Sheng had steadily gulped down half the cup of honey water. He pulled the bowl of porridge towards him and stirred it with his spoon, then scooped a spoonful of it and sent it into his mouth.

The porridge had simmered for a long time and is brimming with the sweetness of the ingredients.

As the flavor spreads across his tongue, Gu Yu Sheng’s brows wavered. He continues to send a second and third spoonful into his mouth.

The bowl of porridge is finished in seconds.

The discerning housekeeper quickly offers, “Mr. Gu, would you like a second serving?”

The porridge apparently adhered to Gu Yu Sheng’s tastes. He nods his head and let out a muffled, “En.”

With the porridge in his system, Gu Yu Sheng’s condition and mood seems to improve drastically. However, halfway through the second bowl, he suddenly asked addressed the elephant in the room, “You just learnt how to make this porridge?”

At first, the housekeeper was startled. After which, she realised that she had never made this porridge in the many years she had cooked for Mr. Gu so it is no wonder that he would suddenly ask. However, the words Qin Zhi Ai entrusted to her before she left is still fresh in her mind. Fearing Gu Yu Sheng will find any loopholes and raise suspicion, ruining Miss’s well wishes, she instantly nods her head and lies, “Yes, I saw the recipe on television awhile back. It is light on the stomach and good for digestion. Therefore, I took the liberty to try it out.”

“Mmm…” Gu Yu Sheng replied distractedly, continuing to slurp on the porridge. This time, he delayed the time before swallowing, as though he is trying to enjoy every bit of its goodness. Nonetheless, as he is about to swallow another spoonful of porridge, he suddenly stopped. His brows furrowed.

Thinking Gu Yu Sheng had discovered something amiss, the housekeeper’s hair stood on its ends from the anxiety.

Nevertheless, Gu Yu Sheng did not utter a single word. Instead, he stared at the grass patch outside from the floor to ceiling window in the dining room until his eyes became dry from the extended staring. He gently blinks and snaps out from his reverie before lowering his head and continues to drink the porridge. With a leisure tone, he divulged, “This taste is so familiar, as though I’ve had it before…” Mid-sentence, Gu Yu Sheng shakes his head, signalling the end of the porridge topic.

After breakfast, the housekeeper proceeded to serve Gu Yu Sheng some water to rinse his mouth with. As he stretches his hand to receive it, an image from last time flashed through his mind. It seems like someone had fed him water when he was in his drunken state…

Although he cannot remember the exact reason, whether all strength was drained from his limbs or he had simply not raised his hands to receive the cup, the person had supported his upper torso and fed him the water with care. After that, he also seemed to have experienced a severe headache, and she had even massaged his temples for him…

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