[TAND] Adonis CH36: Their former days (6)

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Chapter 36: Their former days (6)

“Water, water…”, Gu Yu Sheng mumbled, pulling Qin Zhi Ai back into reality.

Probably due to the extended recollection time, her response is a little lagged. She stares blankly at him for a moment before finally making out the meaning of his words.

At the speed of light, she sits up from the bedside, grabbing the adjacent cup, and rushes downstairs for a cup of warm water.

After feeding Gu Yu Sheng the water, Qin Zhi Ai pulled the covers over him and stared at his face for a fraction of a second before getting up and heading to the sofa. She hugged the cushion and takes out her handphone to check the time.

It is already a little over 3 A.M.

She had, again, for more than two hours, reminisced about their former days.

Yes, again.

She had already lost count of the number of times she was reminded of him just because of certain phrases, events or scenes all these years whenever she was alone. Every single time, her consciousness would get eaten up by these memories, unable to escape.

Nevertheless, his and her world are too far apart, so far that it is impossible for their lives to have anymore intersection. Therefore, she could only rely on constantly reminding herself of their former days to reassure herself that the man she loves really did enter her life before.

But what she really loves is not those times but the him at that time.


At 4 A.M, Qin Zhi Ai went back to the bed to check on Gu Yu Sheng. The alcohol had mostly dissipated from his system, allowing him to sleep soundly.

However, before he slept, he had emptied his stomach while vomiting. When he wakes up, his stomach will definitely be feeling terrible.

Moreover, it is still be a few hours before the housekeeper arrives. If the housekeeper starts cooking by then, Qin Zhi Ai reckons that before the porridge is done, he will have awoken.

After much thoughts, Qin Zhi Ai quietly went downstairs.

The housekeeper had already stocked up the supplies in the fridge, allowing Qin Zhi Ai to easily pick out the ingredients. She chose some vegetables and lean meat, chopped them up finely and put them into a clay pot. She started off with high heat before switching to a small flame to allow the porridge to simmer.

By the time the vegetables lean meat porridge is done, the sun had risen over the horizon.

Qin Zhi Ai knows Gu Yu Sheng does not wish to see her, and also afraid of him seeing her bare face, she extinguished the fire and took steps to remain warmth in the porridge before hurriedly heading upstairs to change and leave the house.

Qin Zhi Ai initially intended to get out of the house before calling the housekeeper. However, before she could get out of the house, she saw the housekeeper entering the yard.

Qin Zhi Ai turned over swiftly. With her back facing the housekeeper, she took out a face mask and a pair of sunglasses from her bag, and donned them on, before turning back to look at the housekeeper.

Since Qin Zhi Ai did not inform the housekeeper before she got home, a wave of surprise registered in the housekeeper when she saw her, “Miss, you’re back?”

“En.” Qin Zhi Ai lightly nodded her head. She paused momentarily and blurted out what she wanted to say to the housekeeper over the phone, “He is at home, drunk, still asleep. I’ve cooked some porridge. When he is awake, remember to feed him some.”

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