[TAND] Adonis CH35: Their former days (5)

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Chapter 35: Their former days (5)

When the college entrance examinations ended, Wu Hao and Xu Wen Nuan were hit by reality: the imminent start of their long term relationship.

Irregardless of gender, love is always highly regarded in the adolescent years.

Therefore, Xu Wen Nuan could not accept the fact of having to distance herself from Wu Hao when they did not even break up. To her, it was practically a crisis in their relationship.

Probably due to the low spirits, that night, along with the alcohol stimulus in their system, the couple quarreled.

As the quarrel heated up, Xu Wen Nuan burst into tears and ran out of the room, quickly followed by a worried Qin Zhi Ai.

However, before they even got the chance to hail a cab, Wu Hao caught up. He forcefully tugged on Xu Wen Nuan’s arm, pulling her towards him.

Just like those cliche idol dramas shown on TV, the couple struggled for awhile before Wu Hao dominantly lowered his head and sealed Xu Wen Nuan’s lips, totally ignoring the onlooking Qin Zhi Ai. Similarly, Xu Wen Nuan, as though Qin Zhi Ai was not present, encircled her arms around Wu Hao’s neck. Just like that, one boy and one girl shared a fervent kiss on the streets.

That was the first time Qin Zhi Ai witnessed people kissing. At first, shock washed over her. Later when she regained her senses, her first thought was to lower her head and divert her gaze.

Nonetheless, when she did, to her surprise, Gu Yu Sheng was there.

She did not know since when he was there. He was just leaning on the electric pole near her, holding on to a cigarette and staring at the kissing couple with a look of interest. Moments later, he even suggestively commented, “Average kissing technique.”

How could there be someone like this, blatantly staring at others kissing and even appraising them… Qin Zhi Ai’s face heated up.

Gu Yu Sheng unabashedly continued to stare at the kissing scene before turning his head to face Qin Zhi Ai. He playful met her eyes, exhaled a ring of smoke, a smile threatening to break out, adding, “Why? You don’t believe me? Want to…”

Qin Zhi Ai knew what he wanted to say was ‘try it with me’. However, for unknown reasons, he suddenly stopped. A faint smile still evident on his face, he stared at her for a moment before extinguishing the cigarette in his hand, a coldness tainting his tone, “Let’s go, I’ll send you home.”

That was the first time Qin Zhi Ai rode on Gu Yu Sheng’s motorbike. Despite the additional passenger, he was driving at a breakneck speed.

Due to it raining beforehand when they were having fun at the KTV, a fresh dampness permeated the air.

Qin Zhi Ai, who was sitting at the back, felt as though she was dreaming.

It was not until Gu Yu Sheng’s motorbike had rolled to a stop before Qin Zhi Ai finally realised that they had already arrived at her place.

However, before she could thank him, he had stepped on the foot pedal and was trying to push off.

Nonetheless , his motorbike had not even left its position when a realisation suddenly hit Qin Zhi Ai. She did not tell him her house address so how did he send her back?

A surge of excitement flooded Qin Zhi Ai. Gu Yu Sheng… Could he be harbouring some interest in her too?

The Qin Zhi Ai that night suddenly felt courageous enough to suddenly call out, “Gu Yu Sheng.”

Gu Yu Sheng stopped the vehicle, turned and looked at her.

Qin Zhi Ai tightly grabbed the sides of her shirt, her gaze wandering aimlessly and stuttered, “You… Do you have time the day after tomorrow? I… I… I’m thinking… of asking you out for a movie…”

“Water, water…”, Gu Yu Sheng mumbled, pulling Qin Zhi Ai back into reality.

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