[TAND] Adonis CH34: Their former days (4)

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Chapter 34: Their former days (4)

Qin Zhi Ai was the only one in the room. Although she could not believe her ears, she was sure he was talking to her.Excitement coursed through her veins, so much so that she felt like she was about to float away from the euphoria. Nonetheless, she forcefully restrained herself and raised her head, flashing an expression filled with untold innocence and confusion, replying, “Hm?”

He stared at her wordlessly, his dark eyes furiously plucking her heart strings.

Qin Zhi Ai reflexively tightened her grip around the fork she was holding, trying her best to calm her raging heart. In the calmest tone she could foster, she added, “Can I help you?”

Gu Yu Sheng continued to look at her, remaining silent. Just when Qin Zhi Ai thought the conversation was over, he suddenly let out a soft chuckle, “Nothing. I just noticed you constantly peeking at me so I decided to acknowledge your existence.”

So it is because he had noticed her peeking at him… The calm facade Qin Zhi Ai assumed started to crumble, her ears turning red.

Gu Yu Sheng did not offer another word. A silence descended upon the room except for the hushed music playing in the background.

After a substantial period of time, Gu Yu Sheng quipped, “What is your name?”

Even after the numerous meetings, he still does not remember her name… Qin Zhi Ai’s heart sank, “My name is Qin Zhi Ai.” Nevertheless, her mood instantly brightened with the opportunity to converse with him, adding, “You can call me Xiao Ai, the Ai from Ke Ai (可爱, Cute).”

Hearing her reply, Gu Yu Sheng chuckled. He leisurely looked at the Qin Zhi Ai who had finished half of the big-sized cake by herself, casually adding, “The Ai in Ke Ai (可爱, Cute)? Shouldn’t it be the Ai in Ai Chi (爱吃Loves to eat)?”

Despite how slow Qin Zhi Ai is, she knew Gu Yu Sheng was indirectly saying that she has a hearty appetite. Her face flushed red. She held onto the fork and stared at the piece of cake on it, contemplating whether to eat it or not.

Her silly and lagged response probably pleased him. He continued, “If you don’t like the Ai in Ai Chi (Loves to eat), I’ll come up with another one…”

As he delivered his words, he changed into another position, as if deep in thoughts. After a few minutes, he met her eyes, “What about the Ai in Zuo Ai (做爱Make love)?”

Hearing these two sensual words, Qin Zhi Ai’s face heated up as though it was going to combust. She stared at Gu Yu Sheng, wanting to rage, but instead muttered, “You…”, before meekly tossing the fork on the ground and running out of the room.

So what Wu Hao said was true, Gu Yu Sheng really has a demeaning mouth…

When Qin Zhi Ai was promoted to the first year of High School, Gu Yu Sheng was in his Third Year.

Xu Wen Nuan’s birthday is in late April, the next day being the first of May. Gu Yu Sheng, Wu Hao and gang would be entering the final phase of preparations for their college entrance examinations. Therefore, greatly decreasing the frequency of the entire group gathering to play.

Nonetheless, till now, Qin Zhi Ai will never forget the euphoria on the night Gu Yu Sheng, Wu Hao and the gang ended their last paper.

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  1. Heck, its fairly normal and even cute


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