[TAND] Adonis CH32: Their former days (2)

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Chapter 32: Their former days (2)

Xu Wen Nuan did not stay on the topic of Gu Yu Sheng for long.

After clearing Qin Zhi Ai’s doubts, she was reminded of a more pressing issue, “Are you free tonight? Wu Hao said he is treating everyone to dinner.”

“Sure”, Qin Zhi Ai replied calmly, her peripheral vision automatically wandering towards Gu Yu Sheng: If Wu Hao is treating, he should be going too, right?

However, to her dismay, Gu Yu Sheng left before the group even left the ice rink.

Subsequently, whenever Xu Wen Nuan asked her out to play, she would accept without much thoughts, hoping to meet Gu Yu Sheng again.

Nonetheless, it was not like Qin Zhi Ai got to meet Gu Yu Sheng every time… although he was there most of the time.

After numerous meetings, Qin Zhi Ai gradually caught on to the stuff about Gu Yu Sheng. She realised that although Gu Yu Sheng’s friends occasionally do joke with him, they would take extra care not to go too far.

In addition, she also found out, some time in the future, about the truth behind the cigarettes and alcohol Gu Yu Sheng brings around: They were customised and cannot be found in the market.

It was also at that time when the difference between Gu Yu Sheng and other third generation rich boys became apparent to Qin Zhi Ai. As to how different, Qin Zhi Ai was not able to clearly explain. However, she had once seen a high-flyer who frequented the seven o’ clock news specially stop to talk to him.

It was then did Qin Zhi Ai realise that they are from two different worlds.

To her, he is God.

But, to him, she does not even amount to Cinderella.

The feelings she harbored for him at the bottom of her heart gradually increased and deepened like this, until he became the center of her life.

Nevertheless, Gu Yu Sheng had never once initiated a word to Qin Zhi Ai and Qin Zhi Ai had never been able to work up the courage to talk to him, submitting to her nervousness and quickened heartbeat every time she saw him.

But do you know? If you really like someone, you can never truly be friends with him because with every additional glance, you will be compelled to own him.

Therefore, during one of the midnight Internet Cafe sessions, she decided to finally make the first move. Qin Zhi Ai was on her way to the washroom at midnight when she passed by Gu Yu Sheng. He had headphones on and was lazily leaning on the backrest of his seat, enjoying a U.S. drama. He had an emptied bottle of green tea beside him which he raised to his lips, seeming to be unaware of its emptied state. He then frowned and threw the bottle back onto the computer table before clasping his hands behind his head and resuming the show.

Qin Zhi Ai never knew she was such a caring person but when she got out from the washroom, as if possessed, she approached the internet cafe reception desk.

She was initially there just to get a bottle of green tea for Gu Yu Sheng but the fear of her feelings being exposed so easily hit her. Therefore, she counted the number of people in the group and spent half of her monthly living allowance to buy everyone a bottle of green tea.

With this bottle of green tea, she finally initiated the first words between them, “For you.”

Just two simple words, made Qin Zhi Ai’s palms sweat. She did not even have the courage to look and him, quickly putting the bottle down on his table and left.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    One sided love- so painful and bittersweet. Thank you for the update!


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