[TAND] Adonis CH29: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (9)

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Chapter 29: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (9)


Did Gu Yu Sheng see her and is asking her to get him a cup of water?

As Qin Zhi Ai’s thoughts spin slowly, Gu Yu Sheng mumbled again in a low voice, “Water… Water…”

Before he can repeat a third time, his mumbles are exchanged for barfing noises.

A strong alcohol stench filled the room.

Gu Yu Sheng, did he drink?

Qin Zhi Ai frowned, sensing something is not right.

He bumped into the chair when he went to the washroom… So, did he not notice the obstacle because he is drunk?

Qin Zhi Ai froze for a fraction of a second before slowly turning her head.

Gu Yu Sheng had already finished vomiting but discomfort still seems to haunt him. His head hanging out the edge of the bed and his eyes closed, suppressed moans escape from his lips from time to time.

Unsure of his degree of drunkenness, Qin Zhi Ai called out his name, “Gu Yu Sheng?”

However, there is no indication of a response as if Gu Yu Sheng did not hear her.

This emboldened Qin Zhi Ai. She turned and walked to the bed. It is then did she notice that frighteningly pale face of his.

His eyes, which are wide open, seems to be void of their usual spirits. Gu Yu Sheng stared at Qin Zhi Ai for a long while with his blurred vision, unable to make out the situation, apparently drunk beyond comprehension.

Moreover, his lagged reaction had resulted in some of the vomittance staining the sheets when he vomitted just now. To make things worse, his soft black hair is cluttered up with this filth.

Qin Zhi Ai ponders: If I am Liang Dou Kou, I will definitely leave this Gu Yu Sheng, who so ruthlessly humiliated me, in the lurch to protect my pride.

But she is not. She is Qin Zhi Ai, the Qin Zhi Ai who never once forgot about him since she laid eyes on him many years ago.

Therefore, when she sees him in such a wretched state, she cannot bring herself to ignore him.

“…Water…”, Gu Yu Sheng continues to utter.

Qin Zhi Ai immediately broke out from her reverie and without any hesitance or struggle, she ran out of the bedroom and returned with a cup of warm water.

The drunk Gu Yu Sheng seems so much more docile as compared to when he is sober.

When Qin Zhi Ai held his body up, he did not resist her in any way but instead went along with her and sat up.

When she tipped the cup to his mouth, he immediately opened his mouth and obediently drank it.

After finishing the drink, Gu Yu Sheng’s furrowed brows eased, immediately closing his eyes and entering dreamland when Qin Zhi Ai lowered him back down onto the bed.

Qin Zhi Ai covered him with the blanket before heading to the bathroom for a wet towel. She first wiped off all the filth in his hair before proceeding to clean the bedsheets and floor.

It is after Qin Zhi Ai is done with all the cleaning when she noticed the unusualness in Gu Yu Sheng’s expression.

Probably due to a migraine, an after-effect of the consumption of alcohol, his hand constantly reached for his temples.

Not bearing to see him in such agony, Qin Zhi Ai sit herself down beside the bed, stretch out her hand and gently massaged his temples for him.

It is probably effective as he gradually quietened down, his breathing drawing out and stabilising.

Qin Zhi Ai waited till Gu Yu Sheng is deeply asleep before stopping. She roughly massaged her sore wrists, her gaze quietly falling on his sleeping face.

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