[TAND] Adonis CH28: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (8)

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Chapter 28: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (8)

Gu Yu Sheng’s shoes are positioned directly in front of Qin Zhi Ai’s face.

However, the coffee table is very low, denying Qin Zhi Ai the ability to shift her position after crawling under, forcing her to maintain her position of staring at Gu Yu Sheng’s shoes.

After a long while of staring, just when depressing thoughts of having to die under the coffee table struck Qin Zhi Ai, Gu Yu Sheng’s shoes finally moved.

He stood up and took unsteady steps towards the washroom. When he passed by her dressing table, Qin Zhi Ai glimpsed Gu Yu Sheng bumping into the accompanying chair.

Nonetheless, it is like he did not feel pain at all, with not a single sound uttered. Instead, he paused beside the chair for a short while before detouring around it and continue making his way into the washroom.

The washroom door is left open and the sound of flowing water can be heard.

Is Gu Yu Sheng going to take a bath?

Grabbing this rare opportunity, Qin Zhi Ai strenuously crawled out from under the coffee table, step by step.

The moment her head got out of the coffee table, she opened her mouth and took a deep breath.

But before she can fully regain her breath, Qin Zhi Ai caught sight of Gu Yu Sheng’s shoes coming out from the washroom with her peripheral vision.

A shiver ran down Qin Zhi Ai’s spine and she immediately shrank back into the coffee table.

She has just managed to hide when Gu Yu Sheng returned to the coffee table. This time, he did not sit down. Instead, he seems to have bent down and taken something from the coffee table. After which, he took two steps backwards and fell on the bed.

Following a series of rustling sounds, Qin Zhi Ai can hear the flicking sounds from the lighter. A faint scent of cigarettes filled the space.

Despite the interior being very quiet, Qin Zhi Ai who is hiding under the coffee table and cannot see the scene in the room, dare not make a move.

Time slowly ticked away. It isn’t until deep in the night when Qin Zhi Ai carefully climbed out of the coffee table.

However, she dare not come out totally, only exposing her head and glanced at the bed.

Gu Yu Sheng is fully dressed, laying on the bed with his eyes closed.

He’s quiet, not even snoring once. Qin Zhi Ai is not sure whether he is asleep and proceeded to investigat him with her eyes. Convinced by the lack of movement, she then continue to crawl out from under the coffee table quietly.

Fearing that Gu Yu Sheng is still awake and may suddenly open his eyes, she did not dare to stand up. Instead, she sticks close to the bed post and started to crawl towards the entrance.

When she is almost at the door, Qin Zhi Ai suddenly heard an unintelligible noise from Gu Yu Sheng.

Her arms collapsed from fear and she fell flat on the ground.

Gu Yu Sheng, he, he did not wake up, did he?

Qin Zhi Ai did not dare to turn her head back, a layer of perspiration soaking her back.

She constantly prays that Gu Yu Sheng will not look in her direction as she wriggle towards the entrance little by little.

When she is finally at the door… Qin Zhi Ai heave a sigh of relief and stretch out her hand to open the door. However, Gu Yu Sheng’s voice sounded behind her again.

 This time, Gu Yu Sheng consecutively mumbled a few words, making Qin Zhi Ai panic. Just when she thought she’s done for, she finally made out the words Gu Yu Sheng had been mumbling, “Water~”

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