[TAND] Adonis CH26: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (6)

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Chapter 26: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (6)

By the time she gets home, it is already 9pm. Other than the dim porch lights at the entrance, no other light form is detected.

Qin Zhi Ai frowned before realisation hit her. Today is Saturday, the housekeeper’s off-day.

Usually when the housekeeper is at home, for fear that the housekeeper might suddenly barge in and notice the difference in looks between her and Liang Dou Kou, Qin Zhi Ai only dared to remove her make up after the housekeeper had fallen asleep.

However, today, she is the only one at home and Gu Yu Sheng most probably will not be coming back. Therefore, the minute Qin Zhi Ai reached the bedroom, conveniently throwing the luggage into the walk-in wardrobe, she entered the washroom, turn on the tap, squeeze some makeup removal on her hands and started to rub her face with it. To look exactly like Liang Dou Kou, Qin Zhi Ai usually applies thick and complicated eye makeup, requiring at least three rounds of thorough washing to finally get all the makeup off her face.

Having posed as Liang Dou Kou for too long, Qin Zhi Ai had almost forgotten what she really looked like. Hence, as she pull out some tissues to wipe off the residue water droplets on her face and saw her bare face in the mirror reflection, she uncontrollably felt a wave of surprise run through her.

After which, Qin Zhi Ai reveled in the comfort of a warm bath.

Qin Zhi Ai had taken an afternoon nap in the flight from Hangzhou back to Beijing so the her right now did not feel sleepy at all. She stood beside the bed for awhile before grabbing her mobile phone and started towards the balcony.

As compared to the indoor air-conditioning, the light evening breeze brings about a fresh wave of comfort and satisfaction. Qin Zhi Ai lay down on the rattan chair and fiddled with her mobile phone, an hour passing by before she even noticed.

As Qin Zhi Ai was prepared to keep her mobile phone and return to bed, a blinding light shined in from the villa entrance, falling exactly on her face.

Thinking it is just a passing car, she paid no heed and shielded her face from the light with her hand, continuing to stand up from the rattan chair. However, when she is about to turn back into the house, the sound of a car engine being extinguished came from downstairs.

Qin Zhi Ai frowned and intuitively turned her head. The sight of Gu Yu Sheng’s car parked downstairs fell into her line of sight. The driver, Xiao Wang, is standing beside the door of the back seat, opening the car door.

Gu Yu Sheng… Why did he suddenly come home?

Qin Zhi Ai stared at the Gu Yu Sheng’s parked car, falling into a daze.

This seems to be the first time he came back when she is still awake…

As her thoughts wandered, her eyes suddenly widened to their limits.

Gu Yu Sheng… He… Why did he suddenly come back!

And she… she… she had already removed her make up… If he sees her, wouldn’t her identity as a substitute be exposed?

Qin Zhi Ai cannot care less about the excitement that arose in her heart just now. Panicking, she look around her and run back into the bedroom without much thought.

Her first destination is the washroom entrance but she soon realise that there isn’t sufficient time to apply the required makeup. Therefore, she turned and ran towards the room entrance.

She has to find a safe hiding spot before Gu Yu Sheng reach the second floor.

Qin Zhi Ai forcefully pull open the bedroom door and just stepped out when a set of footsteps sounded from the stairwell.

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