[TAND] Adonis CH23: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (3)

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Chapter 23: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (3)

Qin Zhi Ai only managed to take two steps forward when he phone behind Gu Yu Sheng rang.

The call is quickly picked up. Uncertain of the caller’s identity and the content, Gu Yu Sheng’s temper suddenly flared up, flinging the phone at Qin Zhi Ai without warning, “Liang Dou Kou, what do you actually want? Can you give it a rest!”

The phone flew past Qin Zhi Ai’s ear with a swoosh and crashed into the glass display cabinet in front of her.

With a loud ‘BANG!’, the glass shattered into pieces around her.

The scene she feared is finally here… She can feel the fear draining the strength from her legs, causing her to almost fall. Without turning her head, she hurriedly stumbled towards the entrance with her shaky legs.

However, before she can reach the entrance, Gu Yu Sheng grabbed her arm with a massive amount of force, jerking her back into the room. “Wonderful, your tricks gets better each time, even learning to play hard to get and adopting a two-pronged approach now? After hovering around me for the entire day, you’re even…”, his chest fluctuating fiercely, his overwhelming anger forced the rest of the words back into his throat.

However, his silence did not last as he suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her into the washroom.

Closing the door behind him and locking it, he pounced on her, tearing her clothes into half as if he had gone crazy.

Ever since their reunion, everytime Qin Zhi Ai sees Gu Yu Sheng, he had always displayed a look of displeasure. Nonetheless, those times are incomparable to the fear he induce in Qin Zhi Ai now.

His eyes are bloodshot, the veins in his forehead twitching, looking as if he will skin and eat her alive anytime.

The experience is painful, even more painful than the previous two times.

She knows, he is doing it on purpose.

She, like the previous time, wanted to count numbers to distract her from the pain and humiliation but her efforts are rendered ineffectively.

Many times, her tears were forced to the brim of her eyes and she subconsciously wanted to beg for mercy, but at the eleventh hour, she could always endure and stop herself from exposing her weakness.

Through the long and arduous torture, she was able to refrain from making a single sound, not even the slightest moan of pain.

It felt like eons had passed when he finally let go of her.

Qin Zhi Ai flinched away from Gu Yu Sheng, her face drained of blood, gasping and crouching in the corner of the washroom.

However, different from the previous two times, the moment it ended, Gu Yu Sheng did not leave her side quickly as if avoiding garbage.

As compared to her torn clothes, the clothes on him are only slightly crumpled.

His gaze is lowered and stood not faraway from Qin Zhi Ai, staring into space. Unsure if it is due to the lighting of the washroom, his complexion seemed unusually pale.

It was only after a long moment before he finally raised his head to look at the huddled up Qin Zhi Ai.

His eyes maintained their usual cold look, his tone exuding their usual ruthlessness, “If you are not scared of receiving such harsh treatment again, feel free to instigate grandfather to stay at my villa…”

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