[TAND] Adonis CH22: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (2)

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Chapter 22: So you’ve learnt to play hard to get? (2)

Qin Zhi Ai had to expend a lot of energy before she successfully struggled out of Zhou Jing’s demonic claws. After which, she tried her best to wiggle her way out of the dancing crowd, pulling Zhou Jing with her.

Zhou Jing, on the other hand, is not done with playing and refused to leave. But the influence of alcohol had left her limbs void of their strength, forcing her to stagger behind Qin Zhi Ai.

When they are nearing the edge of the crowd, someone suddenly knocked into Zhou Jing, causing her to bump into Qin Zhi Ai. This in turn resulted in Qin Zhi Ai surging outwards and falling into a sturdy chest.

Intuitively, Qin Zhi Ai raised her head, the words ‘sorry’ about to peep out from her mouth, when Gu Yu Sheng’s frosted up face entered her line of sight, forcing the remaining words back into her throat as if something had hit her neck.

The look in Gu Yu Sheng’s eyes is so sharp that Qin Zhi Ai felt as if there are trying to bear two holes into her.

There is even this instance when she thought that Gu Yu Sheng will get mad at her in front of the crowd.

This fear took the breath out of Qin Zhi Ai as she froze up.

The drunk Zhou Jing, failing to notice the current tense atmosphere, belches and continues muttering, “Xiao Kou, dance, dance!”, pulling Qin Zhi Ai out of her reverie.

Realizing that her face is still on Gu Yu Sheng’s chest, she hastily retreated by two steps.

As if mirroring her movement, he, just like her, took a step backwards the moment she left his side.

The only difference is that she is still rooted to the ground whereas he turned and left.

After this bump into Gu Yu Sheng’s embrace, Qin Zhi Ai is resolute to pull Zhou Jing away immediately.

Considering the inconvenience in bringing Zhou Jing upstairs, she entrusted her into Lu Ban Cheng’s care upon coincidentally meeting with him before asking Zhou Jing for the location of her bag and rushing upstairs to fetch it.

Zhou Jing’s bag lays in the room in the west on the second floor of the villa.

The room door is ajar.

As compared to the hustle bustle below, the area here seems unusually quiet.

Qin Zhi Ai peek through the crack in the door. The room is empty, devoid of any presence. There are quite a few bags placed on the sofa facing the entrance of the room, of which, there is a red LV which Qin Zhi Ai recognises to be Zhou Jing’s.

After confirming that she is at the correct room, she pushed the door open and ran in.

It is not until she almost reached the sofa did she noticed a lonesome figure sitting on the couch in the depths of the room.

It is the Gu Yu Sheng whom she accidentally bumped into below.

Meeting once of twice can be passed off as a coincidence. However, meeting consecutively three to four times, even Qin Zhi Ai suspects that it is intentional, needless to say Gu Yu Sheng.

However, she had already entered the room. If she is to retreat just like that, it will make her actions seem even more deliberate…

Qin Zhi Ai bite her lips and make up her determination, acting as though she is oblivious to Gu Yu Sheng’s presence and quickly rush up to the sofa to grab Zhou Jing’s bag.

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