[TAND] Chapter 20: ‘Treat you well’ (10)

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Chapter 20: ‘Treat you well’ (10)

The room is very noisy. Although Qin Zhi Ai is sitting right beside Gu Yu Sheng, she cannot hear the words conversed between them clearly.

Gu Yu Sheng’s attention is entirely focused on the person he’s talking, and thus, failed to notice the extra chair next to him.

It was until someone who recognises Liang Dou Kou come over to greet her with a glass of wine and shouted the name “Liang Dou Kou” did the action of Gu Yu Sheng dousing the cigarette in the ash tray quieten down.

He slowly turned his head and quietly looked at Qin Zhi Ai a few seconds later.

Sensing his gaze, the Qin Zhi Ai who was just about to stand up to clink glasses with the other party, stiffened.

Luckily, just like the scene on the driveway outside the airport, Gu Yu Sheng’s gaze did not linger on her.

He has absolutely no intention to talk to her and Qin Zhi Ai, naturally, lacks the guts to provoke him.

Treating her like a non-existent entity, he resumed his conservation with the person next to him.

Qin Zhi Ai pretended to be calm and continued to clink glasses with the person who came to greet her, downing her cup of wine. However, when she put down her cup, she allowed her peripheral vision to wander and secretly settle on Gu Yu Sheng.

Unsure if she is hallucinating, she can detect a somewhat colder expression on Gu Yu Sheng now as compared to the carefree expression he previously demonstrated.

Qin Zhi Ai’s multiple glances in their direction alerted the person chatting with Gu Yu Sheng. As Gu Yu Sheng grabs another stick of cigarette, he curiously asked, “Do you guys know each other?”

Gu Yu Sheng had just put the cigarette between his lips when the question registered in his mind, absentmindedly mumbling while trying to light the cigarette, “No.”

“Oh. I thought you guys know each other, she keeps looking at you”, the person beside Gu Yu Sheng blabbered on, probably thinking the now-occupied Qin Zhi Ai cannot hear him.

Gu Yu Sheng took a puff of the cigarette and removed it from his lips, scoffed and spoke with apparent disgust, “Can you not harp on a topic that makes people want to vomit?”

The Qin Zhi Ai who heard their exchange uncontrollably shuddered when Gu Yu Sheng’s last sentence settled in her ears, causing the wine to spill out from her cup and stain Gu Yu Sheng’s sleeve.

“I’m sorry…” Qin Zhi Ai anxiously pulled out some tissue papers to wipe his sleeve.

However, before she can get close, Gu Yu Sheng, like evading snakes and scorpions, forcefully pulled his hand away and stood up, kicking his chair backwards. He then uttered an “Excuse me” to the person he was conversing with, and quickly turned to leave the room.

Gu Yu Sheng never came back.

And of course Qin Zhi Ai knows the reason why he did not return…

As the gathering reaches its last leg, Qin Zhi Ai used her fatigue after the long flight as an excuse and left, informing Zhou Jing beforehand.

Most likely the influence of the alcohol, Qin Zhi Ai collapsed on the bed the second she got home.

However, she is awoken by Zhou Jing’s phone call as the sun sets over the horizon, “I’ve drunk too much, come pick me up…” Zhou Jing proceeded to provide an address, lisping slightly.

The address Zhou Jing provided is for a private villa Qin Zhi Ai had been before once. Hence, she is able to easily find the spot.

Nonetheless, the moment Qin Zhi Ai alighted from the car, she spotted Gu Yu Sheng through the railings of the villa, leaning on a Chinese Parasol tree, engaged in a phone call.

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