[TAND] Chapter 2: The Adonis Next Door (2)

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Chapter 2: The Adonis Next Door (2)

His words felt like a bucket of cold water in winter, mercilessly thrown on Qin Zhi Ai, causing her body to tremble fiercely, turning her mind blank.

She had believed that the meeting two years ago when he muttered “Who is she” to another while staring at her was already bad enough, but who knew that the meeting two years later was worse.

Qin Zhi Ai stood behind the railings on the second storey, staring at Gu Yu Sheng’s back. Despite her undeniable staring, the image of him leaving the house did not register in her mind.

A distinct stuffiness rose in her chest, her incomparably heavy heart triggering waves of numbing pain within her with every heartbeat.

By the time Qin Zhi Ai had regained composure, the faint sound of Gu Yu Sheng’s car departing can be heard. Worried that the housekeeper would suddenly return to the house and see her in such a embarrassing state, she hastily headed back into the bedroom and closed the door before realising the layer of fog that clouded her vision.

Qin Zhi Ai waited for the excessive moisture lingering in her eyes to dissipate and for her to regain total composure before pretending like she just woke up and re-head downstairs.

The housekeeper instantly stopped what she was doing when she spotted her, “Miss, you’re awake?”

Rightfully, the housekeeper should have addressed her as ‘Madam’, but Gu Yu Sheng forbade it. Therefore, she could only address her as ‘Miss’.

Nonetheless, Qin Zhi Ai paid no heed to it. She kept up an expressionless face and uttered a bland ‘Un’, prior to making her way to the dining area.

Usually when Qin Zhi Ai eats, the housekeeper would leave and work on other chores after serving the dishes. However, today, the housekeeper did not show any signs of leaving after serving breakfast.

Even so, Qin Zhi Ai acted like she did not detect any difference in behavior and nonchalantly consumed her breakfast.

When she was finishing the porridge, the housekeeper nearby started to fidget hesitantly, her lips flapping from time to time, seeming like she wanted to say something to Qin Zhi Ai but the words were stuck in her throat, unable to escape.

It was until Qin Zhi Ai put down her chopsticks when the housekeeper finally bit the bullet and articulated, “Miss……”

“Is there any contraceptive pills at home?”, Qin Zhi Ai interupted before the housekeeper could finish her sentence.

She knew what the housekeeper was going to say next but there are some words, if mentioned by the housekeeper, would embarrass and trample her dignity. Even if she clearly understood that the housekeeper knew how much Gu Yu Sheng despised her, she was still unwilling to let people make a joke out of her to her face.

She glimpsed at the housekeeper and added calmly, “If there is, bring it to me.”

The housekeeper displayed a distinctive shocked expression upon hearing those words then promptly followed Qin Zhi Ai’s orders without another word.

Qin Zhi Ai swallowed the medicine nonchalantly in front of the housekeeper before slowly drawing some tissues and dabbed off any residue water on her lips. She then stood up gracefully and started to walk out of the dining area.

However, before she could take an additional step, the housekeeper behind her called,  “Miss……”

Qin Zhi Ai stopped and looked back.

“Miss, Mr. Gu said he will be leaving for Hainan tonight……” The housekeeper hesitated for a few seconds before continuing, ” Mr. Gu also mentioned that since you’ve lost your backing, do not bother him no matter what happens.”

She had initially thought that initiating the consumption of the medicine would allow her to retain some of her dignity but little did she know that he had actually issued other commands to the housekeeper…… Qin Zhi Ai’s fingertips lightly trembled but her facial expression remained calm and collected, as if the words the housekeeper uttered were not directed at her, and lightly asked, “Is there anything else?”

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