[TAND] Chapter 18: ‘Treat you well’ (8)

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Chapter 18: ‘Treat you well’ (8)

“Miss said, she had already informed Old Master Gu.”

This phrase confounded Gu Yu Sheng. He stared blankly into the space in front of him, then turned his head to look at the phone in his hand, feeling a little stupefied, and to discern if he had heard wrongly. It was awhile later before he emotionlessly uttered an “Un” into the phone, acknowledging the information.

The housekeeper had long since gotten used to his one word answering style, bid goodbye politely and ended the call.

However, the phone beside Gu Yu Sheng’s ear remained in its position for a long while before he placed the handphone face-down on the tabletop. And as if nothing had happened, he resumed his work.

Ten days later, Qin Zhi Ai flew back to Beijing from the US.

It was 10.10am when the plane landed in Beijing international airport.

Not knowing the identity of the person who divulged her whereabouts, a sea of fans had gathered at the airport since early morning to welcome Liang Dou Kou.

Despite wearing a mask, Qin Zhi Ai was still easily spotted by the keen eye of a female fan when walking out of the airport, who excitedly screamed, “AH~ Liang Dou Kou is here~~”, attracting the attention of the fans waiting at the airport. All at once, hoards of people started to rush towards Qin Zhi Ai like bees being attracted by honey.

In a blink of an eye, the road in front of Qin Zhi Ai is blocked.

A crowd gathering together is originally eye-catching enough but, as if to aggravate the situation, countless number of fans persistently chanted ‘Liang Dou Kou’, further attracting a significant number of passer-bys here to join in the fun.

Only with the help of the manager, security officers and staffs of the airport did Qin Zhi Ai manage to narrowly escape from the crowd and board the vanity van that is waiting for her.

Nonetheless, there are still hoards of fans surrounding the van, constantly tapping on the car window. The driver, for fear of knocking over anyone, only dared to inch the car forward bit by bit. It was only until after the airport staffs successfully evacuated the fans by the van did the van dared to accelerate, quickly leaving the airport car park.

The experience of being blocked left Qin Zhi Ai with a layer of perspiration. Although the air-conditioning is on, the temperature in the car had not been cooled yet. Feeling stuffy, Qin Zhi Ai rolled down the car windows to grab some air.

There are probably many arrival flights at this timing as the road out of the airport seems to be heavily jammed. The vanity van can only progress a few metres at a time and they had only moved less than a few hundred metres when the interior finally cooled down. Qin Zhi Ai was about to roll up the window when her peripheral vision caught sight of a familiar car.

Qin Zhi Ai’s actions promptly halted. She froze for a few minutes before slowly turning her head to look at the car.

The window facing her is not closed. Gu Yu Sheng is sitting in the driver’s seat, one hand holding onto a cigarette while the other on the steering wheel.

The contours of his side profile are exceptionally elegant, sunlight falling on his profile highlighted his smooth and silky skin. Coupled with that little light shining near his finger tips, the scene was exquisite, reminding Qin Zhi Ai of the manhwas she read when she was younger.

Forgetting her initial intention to close the windows, Qin Zhi Ai stared at Gu Yu Sheng and slowly faded into a daze.

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