[TAND] Chapter 11: ‘Treat you well’ (1)

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Chapter 11: ‘Treat you well’ (1)

“Or, you’re so lonely in bed and can’t wait to revert back to your old antics, using grandfather to force me to come back and screw you?

Revert back to my old antics?

Qin Zhi Ai frowned, instinctively opening her mouth to defend herself, “I did not…”

However, she stopped after just three words, not understanding what Gu Yu Sheng meant. She stared at him hesitantly with puzzled eyes, unsure of what he was accusing her of.

Nonetheless, her moment of hesitance seemed more like a pale and weak act to justify herself in Gu Yu Sheng’s eyes.

“You did not?” Gu Yu Sheng smirked, “I see that you’ve learnt to lie with your eyes wide open!”

The grip on her hair suddenly tightened, “Then, explain to me how did your bracelet so coincidentally drop at the main mansion? And how did a trip by grandfather to return your bracelet lead to him knowing about me not coming home for more than a month?”

Hearing his words, Qin Zhi Ai finally got some idea of the situation.

So this outrage was sparked by grandfather finding out about Gu Yu Sheng’s absence in the house ever since his trip to Hai Nan… But tonight, regardless of whether at the main mansion or at home, she was sure she had successful deceived grandfather… So, how did grandfather find out?

It didn’t take a second for the answer to hit Qin Zhi Ai.

The housekeeper… There were only the housekeeper and her living here so other than her, the housekeeper was the only one who knew about the situation between her and Gu Yu Sheng. If she did not tell grandfather, then it could only be the housekeeper… That explains the look of guilt in her eyes when she ran downstairs just now…

“Why aren’t you saying anything? Didn’t you confidently say you didn’t just now?”

Gu Yu Sheng, probably angry beyond words, suddenly started laughing, “Not bad, you, can’t tell that you’re actually quite smart. Knowing that I will not come home with you, you purposely left you bracelet at grandfather’s place to lure him here. Am I right?”

Qin Zhi Ai’s lips quivered but still chose to endure and remained silent.

He was already convinced that she was the propagator so even if she told him that she did not drop her bracelet at the main mansion deliberately, he wouldn’t believe her.

Since he won’t believe, why would she waste her saliva? Not to say that he may spout even meaner words to mock her.

“Well done tonight, really well done~~” As if really praising Qin Zhi Ai, he loosened his grip on her and clapped twice to emphasis his words.

Upon the third clap, a wave of hate clouded his eyes, the smile on his face disappeared, and his voice was layered with ice,”Since you tried so hard to get me home, I’ll need to make sure to treat you well!”

He stretched out his hands once again and pulled her to him before roughly pressing her into the bed.

His reaction was intense, like he wanted to peel her alive.

She was suddenly remembered of that night a little more than a month ago. Even if she likes him, it doesn’t mean she likes being humiliated by him this way. Therefore, she struggled, struggled as intensely as she could.

But the more she struggled, the more ruthless his actions became. The bed quickly turned into a mess with one of the pillows on the bed while the other lay on the floor.

As the weaker party, she was quickly subdued and pinned to the bed, unable to move an inch, like a fish sitting on the chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered.

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