[TAND] Chapter 10: The Adonis Next Door (10)

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Chapter 10: The Adonis Next Door (10)

The housekeeper, like a robot under manipulation, obediently stopped moving. She could tell that that Gu Yu Sheng was filled with rage, and her heart feared for Qin Zhi Ai.

After a few rounds of internal struggle, she decided to try one last time to persuade Gu Yu Sheng. She boldly articulated, “Gu……”

“Get lost!”

These two short words frightened the wits out of the housekeeper who fled down the stairs as if a monster was chasing her. A loud ‘BANG!’ from the housekeeper slamming her door shut shortly ensued.

Gu Yu Sheng suddenly took big strides towards Qin Zhi Ai.

His pace was slow, his footsteps muffled by the heavy carpet beneath.

The usual Gu Yu Sheng already possessed an aura that intimidates people around him. But the him right now makes people want to run away in fear.

Qin Zhi Ai gripped the set of underwear tightly in her hands and started to back up with shaky legs.

However, her speed was far beneath him and could only watch helplessly as he closed the distance between them step by step, his increasing close proximity multiplying the fear in her.

She averted her gaze from him, shifting it aimlessly, not daring to meet his eyes. She lowered head that effective hid her face especially with the close proximity, considering she was much shorter than him.

He stared down at the crown of her head for a brief moment before abruptly stretching out his hands to grab the hair at the back of her head, tugging downwards, forcing her to face him.

The unexpected pain caused Qin Zhi Ai to burst out, “Yu Sheng……”

Two innocent words, instead, provoked Gu Yu Sheng and caused his irises to contract. The grip on her hair tightened, “What did you call me?”

Qin Zhi Ai felt the blood drain from her face and her lips quivered uncontrollably. With much effort, she corrected her words, “Gu… Mr. Gu…”

A look of mockery flashed across his eyes. He did not continue to argue with her on this matter but instead, inclined his body and kissed her lips.

However, it was not exactly a kiss per say but rather, a bite.

Gu Yu Sheng paid no heed to Qin Zhi Ai’s feelings and forced her stiff lips open with vengeance. The force he exerted was immense which effortless broke the skin on her tongue, causing the taste of blood to filled both mouths.

The Qin Zhi Ai in pain instinctively tried to move her tongue away from him but the more she tried to escape, the more force he exerted, the heavier the scent of blood in their mouths.

Eventually, disgust struck Qin Zhi Ai and she started struggling with all her might despite knowing her strength was far beneath his.

Gu Yu Sheng completely ignored her struggles. He caught her tongue and cruelly bit on it again until he felt Qin Zhi Ai’s body stiffen from the pain before finally letting go of her swollen lips. He closed in on her ear.

Although his tone was soft and exuded charm like he was whispering sweet-nothings to her, his words froze any warmth in his breath, “You treat my words as bullshit?”

“Have I not warned you before not to let grandfather know about the situation between you and me?”

He squinted his eyes and added, “Or, you’re so lonely in bed and can’t wait to revert back to your old antics, using grandfather to force me to come back and screw you?

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