Teaser Projects

Short one chapter projects~

The Urban Successor of God of Gluttony
Can You Hear The Movement Of My Heart
The Gourmet Supplier
The Special Agent Princess
Illimitable Until Death
Rebirth – First Class Magician
Dao Tian Xian Tu
The Diary of the Truant Death God

Strikethrough means that the project has been taken up by someone else!

Feel free to list out any projects you would like me to do. No guarantee of quality though 😛

These projects here are just done purely out of interest and may or may not be continued. If you want to take them, feel free to PM us and do double check at novelupdates if they are taken by any other groups.

In fact, if you do not mind the quality of my translation, you can take it and re-edit it if you want to. (Except for Urban Successor & Movement of My Heart, which aren’t done by me)

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