Recruiting a capable editor who has good command over the English language
By good command, it means

  • Should be comfortable with rewriting sentences without changing the meaning
  • Able to vary their vocabulary and edit phrases whenever they seem inappropriate or not in line with the tone
  • Good command over grammar.

And most importantly of all, the editor should like reading novels :>

It would be best if the editor has experience working on other projects before (So that they would know how it is like)

Anyway, if you’re interested, feel free to comment here.

Current novel requiring editors:
The Records of the Human Emperor

Honestly, I hope to get an editor good enough such that I can publish straight after you have worked on them because I don’t like going through things over and over again. So, my expectations will be really really high, especially for this project

17 Responses to Recruitment

  1. ceraz says:

    I would be interested in editing any of your ongoing projects, I do not have any experience in editing web novels but I do a good job in editing and writing 1000-2500 words long essay.
    coming to web novels I am an avid reader of them if that’s what you meant by reading experience including some of your works too.
    so if you have any ongoing projects ill be interested.


  2. Kryptos Greatgun says:

    I am interested in editing for LoHP. I am from India (+5:30 GMT). Yeah, and I am good with my English.


  3. JustPassingBy says:

    If you are still looking for an editor for human emperor, i am willing to help. By no means a great one since i don’t really have the experience in editing stuff but i believe my English should be decent enough.

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  4. Zneruol says:

    Hi. I’m interested as an editor in any of your works if the offer still stands, that is. I can’t really say that I’m at professor level in the English language but I can do fluent conversation just fine. I’m also very keen in many grammar errors and spelling typos. I hope you can give me a chance.

    I really like reading novels especially those that came from the Asian countries, because they are so good. It’s a dream to be a part of the group of people who translates/edits them, because there were a lot of novels that I’ve read in the past that although they have those seasoned translators and editors working on them, there are still a lot of mistakes/errors that can be found in the grammar and spellings. I sometimes help by pointing them out through comments, but it’s not as satisfying as compared to actually editing one myself.

    Thanks and God Bless. Hoping for your positive response.

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    • StarveCleric says:

      Lol, nay don’t need a professor. Would be too much of an honor for my casual work. Currently, I just need an editor for The Human Emperor. Are you interested in it? :O
      Otherwise, I can also introduce you to other translators 😛 I know a lot of people who lack editors


  5. Knightofglory26 says:

    Hey, Although I’m not exactly an English expert I am fluent in it. I am Australian so my use of gramma and spelling is different from the norm. however, because I have a lot of free time I wouldn’t mind either editing or proofreading loHP. I have no experience so I don’t mind, however I’m decent at nit picking at things. Thanks for translating, I am a big fan!


  6. thadpole says:

    I am not a grammar Nazi, but I am fluent in English, and am more then capable at spotting those just slightly off spots. I understand as a bibliophile what your talking about when you mean slightly off.

    I am an Engineer so grammar/writing isn’t my forte, but I do dabble as a writer. Also my families book of choice for teaching English is the Hobbit so I love novels. I could help edit where needed as well. Many hands making light work and all that.

    One question what happened to lich?

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    • StarveCleric says:

      I found another editor for lich alr and is gonna be released soon. Probably can get back to schedule by today.
      But lich is posted in GT, I think you would have to apply there (they got a test). Well, TBH, even though I have an editor for lich alr, it is always best to have more, esp since GT editors are overworked (my previous editor was working on 4 series simultaneously). So, if you are interested, feel free to apply to
      This is more like a personal wordpress, so if you apply here, it is more of editing for Heaven’s Shadow and LoHP

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      • thadpole says:

        I can help with LoHP or heaven’s or whatever you like. I used to help out with gravity in its early days when it was just Zhan Long. I helped a bit with writing some of their early help guides
        I’m not perfect, and my English style is very much a dialect of the southern US and isn’t at all European/British English. It’s kinda a blend of a Cajun, southern, Texas, Spanish, with just a touch of german blend as I’m from Texas. I will be sure not to use the word y’all despite its superiority to the phrase “yous guys”.


      • thadpole says:

        Oh also I’m central aka +6 GM time so I’m usually not up this early/late.


  7. Tortex says:

    I would be interested in trying to edit LoHP. Not sure how you want to do things, I haven’t been in a translation project for years, and I mainly translated anime from English to Romanian at the time. As for how good my English skills are, I can’t say I’ll pass the Cambridge tests anymore, but I can tell when the flow of a paragraph isn’t where it should, and it could really use some improvement (though I would probably ask for clarification at some points). And I’ve been reading quite a bit, I think since Coiling Dragon ended is when I discovered the miracle of Novel Updates F5 spam.

    The only other thing would be timing, since I doubt you’re in Europe there’s a time difference, for better or worse.


    • StarveCleric says:

      Yeah it would be great to have you on board. I don’t really need someone with truly fantastic English, just that sometimes when I am translating, I don’t notice myself using awkward phrases and sentence structure. So, I would like someone to identify these awkward places and change them with more suitable words. Also, my grammar is slightly weak, so it would be preferable that you are aware of when to use didn’t, do, doesn’t, will, would, can, could etc. Truthfully, I have no idea how many of that I used are grammatically correct even to this point :X

      My writing is slightly more difficult, in the sense that all of it is in present tense, which is generally different from other novels, so editing it WILL feel awkward (Since general narratives are written in past tense).

      So, if you don’t mind, I can send you a chapter for you to try out first

      Also, time difference don’t really matter since I stay up late anyway.


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