LoHP Chapter 78: I Will Make You Break Through in an Hour!

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Chapter 78: I Will Make You Break Through in an Hour!

The words that the other party spoke of were completely true. Before his cultivation went berserk, he did meet with such a problem. Gathering spiritual energy was an exceptionally difficult task for him, and he would feel pain as though his body was ripping apart.

All along, he thought it was due him cultivating in the wrong manner. Could it be that… it was really due to him possessing Innate Sealed Meridian?

It was said that one who possesses Innate Sealed Meridian would feel as though their meridians were shackled, causing their blockages in their breathing. If one were to try to forcefully cultivate, it would generate pain as though their body was being ripped apart.
This breathing probably refers to their body.

However, he had never told of it to anyone, not even to Zhang Xuan when he was his student. In fact, even his parents were oblivious to it, so how… did he know it?

Upon seeing Zhao Yanfeng’s expression, everyone shuddered.

Could it be that… what he said is true?

“Stop trying to force logic in here. So what if Zhao Yanfeng possesses the physique of Innate Sealed Meridian? What does it have to do with his cultivation going berserk?” Elder Shang Chen harrumphed.

Innate Sealed Meridians was a disability that one was born with. There was no way to cure it and those who possessed such problems were fated to be unable to cultivate.

Even if Zhao Yanfeng had this kind of problem, he would only lack the potential to become an expert at most. There was no need to intentionally drive his cultivation berserk!

“You think that it has nothing to do with it?” Zhang Xuan chuckled softly. “Then, let me ask you, what are the symptoms of one’s cultivation going berserk?”

“Going berserk? One’s internal energy will go on a rampage and become uncontrollable, causing one to lose his sense of self and going into a deranged condition…” At this point, Elder Shang Chen stopped abruptly. His eyes widened into perfect circles in disbelief, “It can’t be that you are trying to use the symptoms of berserk to break through the constrictions in his meridians so as to dispel his Innate Sealed Meridians?”

“How… is this possible?”

He wasn’t the only one who arrived at this conclusion. The others have also thought of it and their mouth opened wide in shock.

When one goes berserk, the energy within their body goes out of control. It was true that one was able to execute strength several times beyond what one was capable of usually, but… that was a state of derangement, it was easy for one’s cultivation to be completely crippled. No one had tried it, and no one dared to.

To actually try to use berserk as a means to overcome Innate Sealed Meridians… Are you for real?

If that’s true, then you are way too bold!

Such a notion will revolutionize the entire world of cultivation!

“Indeed!” Zhang Xuan nodded his head. Then, he turned to Zhao Yanfeng and questioned, “Let me ask you, ever since your cultivation went berserk, have you felt the sensation of your body ripping apart whenever you cultivate?”

“This…” Zhao Yanfeng’s body trembled stiffly. With a quivering voice, he replied, “I… I haven’t!”

Back then, he felt intense pain whenever he cultivated, as though his body was going to explode. Yet, after he went berserk, he had never felt such a sensation anymore. Previously, he attributed it to Lu Xun laoshi‘s guidance. Could that really… be the case?

“When going berserk, the internal energy of one flowing through his body will be incomparably violent, allowing them to exert a might beyond what they are usually capable of. Even though it is incapable of resolving Innate Sealed Meridians, it can alleviate the situation, allowing one’s spiritual energy to flow through! Back then, when I induced your cultivation to go berserk, I was trying to solve the hidden problems within your body. Initially, I had prepared some steps afterward to allow your cultivation to go on more smoothly, so that you would be able to reach greater heights. Yet… Not only did you leave without bidding me farewell, you even viewed me with hostility!”

At this point, Zhang Xuan shook his head and sighed. Solitude reflected in his gaze.

Ever since Zhao Yanfeng awakened from his berserk state, he had never visited Zhang Xuan’s classroom. Even so, he treated him as his mortal enemy, spreading malicious rumors about him everywhere.

Even if Zhang Xuan were to seek him, the latter would not have trusted him.

Seeing Zhang laoshi‘s expression, everyone could almost feel the burden and pain he felt in his heart.

However, under such pressure, he didn’t try to explain himself. Rather, he shouldered it silently, bearing with the mocking of others…

In an instant, the figure of Zhang Xuan grew massively in their heart!

“Rubbish, how can that be possible! Besides, even if it was true, if you explained the situation to him clearly beforehand, Zhao Yanfeng wouldn’t have left!” Elder Shang Chen gritted his teeth.

“If one was able to control the process, then it wouldn’t be called berserk! If I were to inform him of it beforehand, given Zhao Yanfeng’s fearful character, do you think that he would be willing to take the risk?” Zhang Xuan flung his sleeves.

One would become uncontrollable upon going berserk. If one knew that they will go berserk during their cultivation, they would start to feel fearful and cower from it subconsciously, making it hard for them to successfully go berserk.

“No matter how well you put it, you cannot prove that him going berserk had resolved the issue of his Innate Sealed Body. In any case, I don’t believe your words!”

After hesitating for a moment, Elder Shang Chen harrumphed.

“I know that this incident is much too unorthodox and shocking, but it doesn’t matter whether you all believe it or not!” Zhang Xuan turned around to look at Zhao Yanfeng. “I’ve taken a look just now and you have already reached Fighter 1-dan Juxi realm pinnacle. You are just a step off to breaking through! If you were to train normally, how long do you think it will take for you to break through?”

“Six months. Lu laoshi told me that if I were to put in effort, within half a year, it is possible for me to break into Fighter 2-dan Dantian realm!”

He was still a little doubtful to the words of this Zhang laoshi, but his tone had become much more respectful and he answered his question seriously.

Mo laoshi and clan head Wang Hong nodded their heads in agreement.

They have seen Zhao Yanfeng execute his punching routine previously as well. Given their experience, they could tell that Lu Xun laoshi‘s judgement was accurate. Zhao Yanfeng’s talent could only be considered as average and to be able to break through within half a year could be considered as good progress.

“Half a year? There’s no need for that! I can help you break through within an hour!” Zhang Xuan looked over.

“An hour? How is that possible?”

“It is hard to tell whether he is even able to break through within half a year, and you said to help him break through in an hour? This…”

Hearing Zhang Xuan’s words, everyone went insane. None of them dared to believe his words.

Cultivation, unlike eating or drinking, cannot satisfy one at one go. It has to be done a single step at a time. One can only progress after countless accumulation over time. Even for Zhao Yanfeng, who is already Juxi realm 1-dan pinnacle, if he isn’t able to control the spiritual energy adeptly, he is unable to open up his dantian!

This accumulation is an extremely slow process. Without accumulation of experience over time, it is impossible for him to succeed! Yet, Zhang Xuan claimed that he is able to do it within an hour?


Even if you wanted to brag, you shouldn’t brag about something so impossible!

Be careful of your nose reaching the heavens!

“Why, you all don’t believe me?” Ignoring the shocked crowd, the corners of Zhang Xuan’s mouth crept upwards as he continued gazing at the young man before him.

“I…” Zhao Yanfeng was hesitant.

He felt that what the other party said about him possessing Innate Sealed Meridians was true, but about helping him break through Fighter 1-dan in an hour… This was like a dream to him.

If he was really able to break through Fighter 1-dan within an hour, then this Zhang laoshi was really way too incredible. That would also mean that his decision to induce his cultivation to go berserk to break through his Innate Sealed Meridian was a success, as well as a correct decision!

After all, why would a teacher who could help others break through their cultivation realm so easily lie about such a minor matter?

Since he was able to come to this conclusion, others were able to as well. Each of every one of their gazes slowly gathered onto Zhang Xuan.

“I don’t blame you for not believing in me. After all, your cultivation have gone berserk once upon listening to my words!” Zhang Xuan flung his hand and a look of pity appeared in his eyes. “However, if you pass by this opportunity, you will need to take half a year, or perhaps even longer! It’s your own choice!”


Zhao Yanfeng stood on the spot with clenched fists. After a period of time, he lifted his head and determination could be seen in his eyes. “Zhang laoshi, I want to give it a try!”

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