LoHP Chapter 73: Cao Xiong’s Counterattack

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Chapter 73: Cao Xiong’s Counterattack

“Xiao Yu is here too?”

Bai Xun’s eyes light up.

Right after Master Lu Chen tasked them to study under Zhang Xuan yesterday, he rushed here early in the morning. If so, how can Xiao Yu lag behind him!

In the midst of his words, an elegant figure walks through the doors. Her light yellow top brings out her slim and delicate figure perfectly. Her skin is as white as snow and she doesn’t pale in comparison even to Shen Bi Ru.

“Paying respect to Zhang laoshi!”

The moment she enters the room, she heads towards Zhang Xuan and bows deeply.

“Un!” Knowing that the other party is here for the same motive as Bai Xun, Zhang Xuan’s head hurts and he rubs his glabella.
Glabella -> Center of eyebrows

Actually, he knows nothing about painting at all and all he can do is to point out the flaws in them! He doesn’t even know where he should start from to teach them about painting.

“Paying respect to young mistress!”

Just as he is conflicted over how he should confess this to the other party, Elder Mo walks forward and courteously, he clasps his hands and greets Huang Yu.

“Young mistress?” A thought seems to have flashed through Elder Shang Chen’s mind, causing a feeling of weakness to grasp his legs, resulting in him stumbling backward. With a face devoid of color, he asks, “Could she be… Could she be the daughter of guild leader Huang of the Teacher Guild, the… genius who managed to become a low-level Associate Master Teacher despite not even reaching her twenties?”

Just a moment ago, he was still chatting with Elder Mo about the genius in the Teacher Guild who became a low-level Associate Master Teacher at a young age, and he was thinking about how she is even more incredible than an old man like him. Never in his dreams did he expect her to be this Huang Yu xiaojie and from the looks of it… She seems to be close with Zhang Xuan!
Xiaojie -> Miss/ Young Mistress

Heavens, what is going on?

The moment when he accused the other party of being incapable of imparting knowledge to nurture others, the Wang clan sent their son over to him, even withdrawing him from his tutelage to do so! The moment when he said that the other party is lacking in strength, Bai xiao wangye ran out to verify the strength of the other party, claiming that he himself isn’t a match for him! The moment when he says that only a Master Teacher and an Associate Master Teacher can revoke Cao Xiong’s teaching license, an Associate Master Teacher comes running over…

The heck… Zhang Xuan, the heavens must have specially sent you here to deal with me!

Elder Shang Chen only feels disconsolate and even suicidal thoughts run through his head.

Cao Xiong, who was still arrogant a moment ago, pales in fright and cowers backward.

A moment ago, he was at least reassured by the fact that the other party would be unable to revoke his teaching license, however, at this instant, he is truly frightened.

“Isn’t he just a trash who scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination? Why does he know so many people? Why do they all respect him? I will not accept this…”

Cao Xiong grits his teeth and howls frenziedly in his mind.

Before today, the other party meant nothing in his eyes. He isn’t even qualified to compete with him, yet now… The other party has already become a tall mountain that he can only look up towards.

“He… He…” Shang Bin’s teeth are also clattering.

At this moment, Zhang Xuan seems to have transformed from an ant whom he could crush whenever he pleases into a giant dinosaur.

Such a transformation is beyond his wildest imagination!

“You are an Associate Master Teacher?”

Hearing Shang Chen’s astonishing words, Zhang Xuan looks at the lady in uncertainty.

This lass is even younger than him. For her to be an Associate Master Teacher, it is indeed true that one should not judge a person by their appearance.

“I just happen to catch Liu shi‘s eyes, and he brought me in to assist him!” Huang Yu smiles. Her words might be humble, but self-confidence radiates clearly from her eyes.
Shi -> Somewhat a shorter version of laoshi

To become an Assistant Master Teacher, first and foremost, one needs to have talents surpassing others. Secondly, one needs to be granted an opportunity!

Even if you possess overwhelming talent and your ability to guide your students and impart knowledge is incredible, if you are unable to gain the recognition of a Master Teacher, it is all just empty talk.

Huang Yu, as the daughter of Tianxuan Kingdom Teacher Guild’s head, she had the privilege of going through a good education from young. Furthermore, given the contacts her father possesses, becoming an Associate Master Teacher isn’t beyond expectations.

“It is great that you are an Associate Master Teacher. This Cao Xiong laoshi has lost to me in an Enlightenment Will Trial and he refuses to fulfill his end of the bet…”

Previously, Elder Mo has said that Cao Xiong laoshi‘s teaching license can be revoked if an Associate Master Teacher speaks up for the case. Against those who are out against him, Zhang Xuan will not let them off the hook so easily.

“To think that there would be such a matter!” Huang Yu frowns. “As a teacher, to hold grudges over such a minor affair, even resorting to using the Enlightenment Will Trial to frame your colleagues, he will only soil the name of teachers if he were to remain as one. Elder Mo!”

Elder Mo steps forward.

“I believe that he doesn’t have the qualifications to be a teacher. Go and settle the procedures required for it now!” Huang Yu says authoritatively.

“Yes!” Elder Mo nods his head. Turning to look at Cao Xiong, he shakes his head.

As an Associate Master Teacher, Huang Yu is of esteemed position, not to mention that she is the daughter of the guild leader as well. With just a few words, she has sealed Cao laoshi‘s fate.

Those who possess the identity of a teacher are respected no matter where they go. If a teacher is stripped of their teaching license, that can only mean that there is a problem with his conduct. With such a track record, no one would employ him no matter where he goes.


Hearing the verdict, Cao Xiong collapses onto the floor, his ashen face shrouds in despair.

He has spent so much effort just to attain this teaching license. To think that… it would be revoked just like that!

Just because he challenged a trash who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination?

I won’t accept this, I refuse to accept this!

“Right…” Cao Xiong stands up once more. He looks at Zhang Xuan savagely, “Zhang Xuan, you haven’t won yet! You scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination and caused a student’s cultivation to go berserk. As long as this matter is reported to the Teacher Guild, after a thorough investigation, you will be stripped of your teaching license as well!”

Zhang Xuan may have scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, but that is actually an internal examination within Hongtian Academy and isn’t authoritative. Even so, if the matter is reported upwards to the Teacher Guild, and once the matter is proven to be true, he can be stripped of his teaching license because of it as well!

Furthermore, he has a case of a student’s cultivation going berserk under his records.

Just this itself crosses the bottom limits of a teacher!

“That’s right, Zhang Xuan, you need not be gleeful over this! You might have gotten Cao laoshi‘s teaching license revoked, but you won’t keep yours for long either! I will report this matter up to the Teacher Guild right now and have them carry out an impartial adjudication on the matter!”

Upon hearing Cao Xiong’s angry roar, Shang Bin’s eyes light up and flames start to burn in them once more.

The relationship between him and Zhang Xuan has already torn asunder. Now that the other party is proven to possess a strong backing, he probably won’t be able to live in peace in the academy anymore with him here. Thus, he cannot allow Zhang Xuan off the hook!

Furthermore… Even the goddess is speaking up for him now. If he allows himself to be beaten without making a move, how can he lift his head in the future?

Shang Bin glares at Zhang Xuan as cold intentions emanate from his gaze.

Aren’t you incredible?

Liu Yang’s trust level in you exceed 60? The Wang clan urges you to accept Wang Tao?

Things might be going well for you now, but let’s see how you will fare after you lose your teaching license!

Let’s see what rights do you have to remain in Hongtian Academy and what rights do you have to teach your students!

“Zhang Xuan laoshi‘s capabilities and morals are indeed doubtful. Associate Master Teacher Huang Yu, Elder Mo, the words that the both of them speak of are true. This Zhang laoshi has driven the cultivation of a student berserk, and he has scored a zero in the previous Teacher Qualification Examination as well. I hope that the guild can handle this matter impartially and rid the academy of this cancerous tumor!”

In an instant, Elder Shang Chen regains the glow on his face. With a straightened and dignified stature, he speaks.

He might not be able to save Cao Xiong, but he will not allow Zhang Xuan to get away scot-free either!

I used cancerous tumor but… There’s no cancer in ancient times, is there?

(Tortex): Ancient cancer? Oh, there was, just not quite as spread and not as easily detected. If someone died from cancer, it was his fate, he was cursed/possessed, God/the gods willed it, he offended the ancestors, he was poisoned, etc. If someone wanted to cut the body and find the cause of death, the response they’ll get is most likely on the lines of “Demon worshiping, satanist, dishonorable, blasphemous cur! Burn this necromancer!”. And even if someone did an autopsy in secret, publishing the results would be courting death.

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  2. I don’t know why I know this, but ancient greeks did autopsies on corpses to learn about the human body. They occasionally found tumors and made comments on how it looked like a crab, hence why we call it ‘cancer.’


  3. Oh, I better kick this guy out and ruin his life, surely that’ll make the girl I like who is protecting/helping him like me! Yeah, that’ll work… Fucking logic.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  4. My, these people just don’t learn. Its nice that they didn’t conveniently forget that he’d driven a student berserk again though. It always bothered me when people made excuses for his reputation but didn’t worry about the contradiction that that incident would create with their theories.

    I wonder how he’ll explain the incident though, and if he’ll go off and fix his old student as a result of all this.

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    1. Well since everyone now knows that the Elder Shang Chen also hates Zhang Xuan couldn’t he just show how his cultivation is currently at the peak of Pigu realm and say that all the information on him is wrong and that the info that everyone knows of was actually forged by the education department, that’s how I think it’ll happen


      1. That seems quite unlikely, especially since it wouldn’t account for his student that went berserk. Also, if the elder really had marked him, then he would have fired him after he got that zero. It wouldn’t have taken any real effort to do so under those circumstances.


  5. Thanks for the chapter StarveCleric, Thaddpole, and Tortex! With his backing and qualifications he can get hired for better conditions elsewhere haha. He doesn’t need to stay at this second-rate institute.


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  7. How stupid could they be? They just see how bias these super influential people is to MC and they still act like this? No way it gonna work and they will just become these people’s ticket to curry favor to MC, so they will probably got bash like no tmr.


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    Cao cao in romance of 3 kingdom are said to have one in his brain but well known Dr. Who told him, die in the cell cause they think he is assasin send by other.


  9. They are too focused on ‘common sense’ when they have already found repeated demonstrations that this guy far exceeds it.

    They feel that they can ruin our protagonist by removing his teaching license. As this chapter described… that would normally work. However, they are forgetting the Wang clan. The wang clan already knew about the charges they are basing this off of… and the clan still wants him because of his current abilities. Ergo, his reputation has little to do with them.

    So this would, at most, just lead the protagonist to be snatched up by the wang clan as a private tutor. So the wang clan would withdraw their children to be taught by this guy. And after that, he would turn those kids into titans. Which would vindicate his abilities despite the loss of his license.

    This is how entire new schools get created. Petty politics and feuds drive out the talented who then go and start their own organization. This will be the death of this school.


  10. Well, this is not going to go well… for the school.

    Because part of the exam is based off of cultivation, so how could they give a 0 to someone that is peak of rank 5? And if they ask him questions about cultivation, he will show that he has an extremely rich knowledge. So how could he have score 0?

    There are also unanswered questions from before the story began. From the looks of it, every teacher in this school is at least rank 4. So how did they hire someone that was rank 3? What prompted them to do that. It stinks of a set up to me… which means that his current brilliance will make them look like manipulative and corrupt teachers. I am even questioning why his previous student went berserk.


      1. If I’m not wrong, tumors are a result of cancerous cells. Benign means it is unlikely for the tumor to grow/spread. Malignant means its likely for it to grow and spread (based on watching tons of drama)
        I guess the two doesn’t really differ in context now that I think about it though?


      2. You can actually live with benign cancer for years, malignant will kill you.

        For example, leukemia, they have CLL/CML- Chronic lymphatic or myloid leukemia which can persist for long term and AML/ALL- Acute versions of the same thing.


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