LoHP Chapter 66: This Can’t Be True!

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Chapter 66: This Can’t Be True!

“Only 10 points?”

Not only does Cao Xiong feels himself going insane, even Elder Mo and Elder Shang Chen can’t help but blink their eyes in disbelief.

To apply for an Enlightenment Will Trial with just that meager trust level. May I ask… where did your self-confidence come from?

If you wish to take a student off the hands of another teacher, you should at least possess unparalleled standing in the heart of the student. Otherwise, you are just making a fool out of yourself. Initially, we thought that his trust level towards you should be able to reach at least twenty. Even though it isn’t a really high number, it is still within an acceptable range. Yet… The heck, 10? Are you sure that you aren’t joking with us!

Elder Shang Chen’s face darkens. An inauspicious omen looms in his mind.

One doesn’t fear a godly opponent, only a pig-like teammate. It is clear that the pig-like teammate has already appeared.

By the side, the corners of Shang Bin’s mouth twitch and white foam almost spills from it.

Before we came here, you declared proudly that Liu Yang would definitely be willing to come under your tutelage once more. With this level of trust, tutelage it was you said? Tutelage your head!

The heck! You are trying to fool me, aren’t you!

“So what if his trust level in me is just ten? Liu Yang has a skeptical personality and he doesn’t believe anyone easily! His trust level in me might just be ten, but as long as you fail to exceed that, I will still be the victor!”

A moment later, Cao Xiong recovers and howls at Zhang Xuan.

“Skeptical personality? If he truly has such a personality, then the situation makes sense!” Elder Mo nods his head.

Humans differ from one to the other. There are a few who are born trusting, while others are born skeptical. No matter how close and amiable a relationship one possesses with him, he can’t help but be suspect of them.

This has something to do with the situation one grew up in. If one is born in a treacherous place full of schemes, it won’t be an easy task to establish trust with them.

Based on his judgement, Liu Yang should possess a trust level of around seventeen to eighteen towards Cao Xiong. Yet, it turns out to just be ten. If it is true that the former has this kind of personality, then everything fits together perfectly.

“That’s right. As long as his trust level towards you does not exceed 10 points, then it is still unknown who the one laughing at the end will be!”

Shang Bin’s eyes light up and he nods his head. He decides to place his trust in Cao Xiong once more.

Cao laoshi might not be famous in the academy, and he isn’t a star teacher either. However, he has many good reviews. When put against Zhang Xuan, it is like the difference between a delicacy and dung, totally incomparable.

If the former only has ten points, the latter is bound to have far worse results!

At this point, the crowd continues staring at the other crystal ball.

The light has yet to fully fade from it yet, and it is still shrouded in a thin layer of light.

“Why isn’t the result out yet?”

Shen Bi Ru frowns slightly.

“Different illusory realms appear in the tests of the Will Inquisition Crystal, so naturally, the time taken for each of them will be different as well. It is normal for some to be faster than the others!” Hearing the words of his goddess, Shang Bin steps forward and putting on a knowledgeable look, he explains.

As the grandson of the head of the Education Bureau, he knows quite a lot more about the Enlightenment Will Trial than most of the other teachers.

Normally, this kind of zhuangbi can attract quite a lot of screams, given his dashing looks and extraordinary aura. Just that, it is a pity that the areas around his eyes are bruised black and his face is swollen red. His lips are as though two hanging sausages and he isn’t much different from the hunchback from the clocktower. In fact, it seems as though the word ‘dashing’ has nothing to do with him at all.
Zhuangbi -> Acting cool| Hunchback -> The Hunchback of Notre Dame

“Then, will be results be better if the test is completed faster, or if it is completed slower?” Ignoring his zhuangbi, Shen Bi Ru continues asking.

“Of course faster is better! If the trial is completed faster, it shows that the student undergoing the trial trusts his teacher from the bottom of his heart to the point that there is no need to even ponder over his instructions. On the other hand, if the trial takes a long period of time, it means that the student does not trust his teacher, and a negative score could very possibly appear…”

With his hands behind his back, Shang Bin smiles faintly. With a confident look, he says, “Shen laoshi, trust me. I might not have undergone the Enlightenment Will Trial, but I have read numerous books regarding it. For Liu Yang to be coerced by Zhang Xuan laoshi to acknowledge him as his master, he is bound to hold some resentment against him. It would be normal for him to score a negative ten or so…”

Just as he is declaring proudly, rationalizing the reason behind the theory out for Shen Bi Ru, he feels a tug on his shirt, interrupting him from his recount on the ending he expects to occur.

“What are you doing?”

Shang Bin knits his eyebrows together in displeasure. It was hard to him to gain an opportunity to perform before his goddess. Yet, someone just had to interrupt him at such an untimely period.

Turning around, it is Cao Xiong.

At this moment, Cao Xiong laoshi‘s eyes are filled with fear and his body trembles uncontrollably. The confidence he had a moment ago has completely faded. He points forward and says, “Shang shaoye, look…”
Shaoye -> Young master

Looking towards the direction of the finger, the glow from the crystal has finally disappeared without a trace, and a line of numbers has floated to the surface.

“Why? Could it be that his score isn’t a negative…”

In the midst of his words, Shang Bin glances at the numbers that have appeared on the crystal and in that instant, he almost bites his tongue to commit suicide.

“How is this possible? This… I don’t believe it!” Shang Bin is about to go crazy.

The numbers are clearly displayed on the crystal ball—— 64!

This means that the level of trust has reached 64 points!

A fellow who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination actually managed to get his student’s trust in him to reach the level of a Master Teacher, comparable to that of the trust between a child and his parents… How is this possible?

Shang Bin looks at Cao Xiong. At this moment, the thought of killing him even flashes through his mind. He feels a stifling sensation in his chest and blood seems to be welling up at the back of his throat.

It was difficult for him to find an opportunity to act cool before his goddess. He proudly declared that one’s results will get worse as time goes by, only for such a situation to occur… The heck, are you playing with me?

Furthermore… Cao laoshi, can you be a bit more useful?

Didn’t you say that this student has a skeptical personality?

My ass he has a skeptical personality!

How can someone skeptical hold 64 points of trust towards others?

Didn’t you say that you are confident of winning?

10 points against 64 points… The heck do you intend to win like this…

Tears streaming down his face, Shang Bin feels a stinging sensation on his face. It feels as though his face has been slapped mercilessly by someone else several times. At this moment, he wishes fervently to find a hole to hide in.


Different from the disbelief and mental breakdown of the other two, Elder Mo stands up abruptly and trembles in agitation.

This level of trust has already reached the standards of a Master Teacher. Even for him, it is the first time he has seen such results!

A fellow who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination could actually induce such trust from his students?

How did he do it?

Furthermore… It has just been two days since the start of school. Even if this Zhang Xuan laoshi and Liu Yang had stayed together throughout the entire period, at maximum, they could only have thirty hours of interaction with one another. In such a short period of time, to get one’s trust level beyond 60… Even the legendary 1-star Master Teacher will find it difficult to achieve such a feat.

There are also different tiers to Master Teachers. 1-star is the lowest of them all.

Even so, the prestige and influence they hold are sufficient to drive others insane.

“The two elders, is this considered as my victory?”

Can’t be bothered with the stunned Shang Bin and Cao Xiong, Zhang Xuan directs his gaze towards Shang Chen and Mo Xiang.

“Impossible, there must be a problem with the crystal. Otherwise, how can he have such a high trust level? I will not accept this result!”

Cao Xiong howls.

It is no wonder that he is unwilling to accept it. It is as though a beggar he has been interacting with suddenly turns out to be an emperor. As someone who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, he thought that the results would definitely end up as a negative. Yet… Not only is it not a negative, it turns out to be an overwhelming 64, surpassing all teachers within the school. His will can already be considered rather strong given that he has yet to go insane at this point.

“I also agree with Cao laoshi‘s words. How can he induce such a level of trust in his students? If it is true, doesn’t that mean that even Lu Xun and Wang Chao are incomparable to him…”

Shang Bin steps forward and says through gritted teeth.

Hearing the words of the two, Elder Mo is about to say something when he sees Liu Yang, who has just completed the trial, walking over to Zhang Xuan with glowing eyes that are filled with reverence.

…he almost bit his tongue to commit suicide.
Alright, technically, it is theoretically possible (according to forums) but highly unlikely to succeed.
For those who are unaccustomed to it, it actually happens in quite a lot of Chinese fictions. Sometimes, when one is tied up and incapable of committing suicide any other way else, they would bite their tongue to do so. 

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  1. Dude, you CAN die from “biting”/cutting off your tongue: it’s because the tongue is formed by 32 muscles packed together, thus blood flow is essential, since the carotid arteries are the main branch PLUS constant saliva flow doesn’t allow scabification of the wounds.
    Lack of blood plus the brain gets less blood flow results in death therefore.

    And thanks for the chapter.


    1. Actually…no.
      There are medical cases of people biting their tongue off and all that happened was a case of muteness. Same as when you use a knife to amputate it.

      My guess was that it was a case of literary fiction where a writer had to contrive how a person who got paralysed can kill him/herself that got passed on as truth.

      When you do mechanical damage to any part of your body, the surrounding tissue actually engorges via chemotaxis to seal off the area.

      This is also why slitting your wrist doesn’t work, the tissue surrounding the cut swells up to seal off the bleeding. There is actually another step which I won’t go into in case I give anyone ideas lol.


      1. Lol, I mostly got the information I know from forums (Quora, people can vote there so I think it should be rather reliable?) and they did say it is possible, but highly difficult, not to mention an extremely painful process


        1. Worked in a hospital, did path. for a while, only case I ever came across, in casefiles, of someone dying from an injured tongue was when it turned gangrenous. Besides tongue cancer. We do have things called glossotomy you know. lol


  2. Thanks for the chapter. We’ll just have to accept the slow pace of this novel if we are to enjoy it. If we hope for something better every time we’re just gonna get more and more dissapointed. :/


  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    Man I really called this big time. This whole situation has gone on for more chapters then it should have. I can tell you now that this is going to last at least 3 more chapters before we get passed this situation and on to the next.

    Again, no matter I look forward to the next chapter.


    1. I expected the trust level to be around there, specially when you had that whole chapter on trust levels and how a teacher is referred as.


      1. Nah, that test is expensive. Its more likely that they’ll just ask the student. Though Elder Mo will likely need to do it in private somewhere to keep the screaming idiots from trying to intimidate him or something.

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