LoHP Chapter 64: Trust Level

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Chapter 64: Trust Level

If one is expelled from the school, at the very least, he would still be a teacher. Even if not in Hongtian Academy, he can still teach at other academies!

On the other hand, if one’s teaching license is revoked, it would mean losing their identity. No matter where they go, it will remain as a stain on their history and they would suffer from the mocking of others!

That’s precisely the reason why Elder Shang Chen got Elder Mo from the Teacher Guild here. After all, despite being the head of the Education Bureau in Hongtian Academy, he doesn’t have the qualifications to strip a teacher of his teaching license. Just, he didn’t expect that… before he could even talk about it, this fellow has already brought it up!

Furthermore, adding a hundred God Slaying Flogs into the mix…

God Slaying Flog is a unique object created specially within Tianxuan Kingdom. One’s flesh will tear apart and they will feel excruciating pain when beaten by it. Yet, it doesn’t hurt their core. No matter how powerful a person is, they would probably be half dead by the time the sentence is completed.

Do you find the punishment insufficiently harsh, or do you think that you aren’t dying fast enough?

Everyone looks at the young man as though he is an idiot.

“Zhang Xuan laoshi, you…”

From behind, Shen Bi Ru laoshi barely managed to avoid fainting on the spot.

Are you really unable to tell that this is a trap Shang Bin and Cao Xiong specially dug out for you? Their purpose is for you to leap in. Initially, being expelled from the school is already harsh enough. Yet, not only do you not try to push it down, you even raise the stakes up higher. Have you really gone insane…

“Don’t blame anyone else since you are courting death!” Harrumphing coldly, Cao Xiong looks at Shang Chen, who is standing in the middle of the crowd. “Elder Shang, I concur with Zhang laoshi‘s suggestion. I hope that the academy can grant our request.”

Seeing him accept it so readily, Liu Yang slaps his forehead and looks at him with eyes of sympathy.

Zhang laoshi is really evil!

He first feigns guilt so as to boost the other party’s confidence. After which, he makes use of the situation to up the stakes. Most probably, Cao Xiong laoshi won’t even know what is going on even after he is played to his death!

“It is fortunate that he became my teacher. Otherwise, my life would be over…”

Upon recalling how he almost became the student of this Cao laoshi, Liu Yang shudders and cowers backward.

“Un, alright then. Since both parties have agreed on the stakes, then let’s start the process!” Elder Shang Chen nods his head. Two crystal balls, about the size of a watermelon each, are brought forward and placed on a stone pedestal. Completely transparent, they radiate warm light.

“These are crystal balls made of 【Will Inquisition Stone】. Zhang Xuan and Cao Xiong, both of you will drip a droplet of fresh blood on one of them each! After which, Liu Yang will touch them and the crystal balls will reflect the true thoughts in his mind in the form of 【Trust Level】! The one whose trust level is higher, he will emerge victorious! Are there any other questions?”

Elder Shang Chen asks.

“None at all!”

Zhang Xuan and Cao Xiong nod their heads.

The Enlightenment Will Trial is actually a simple process. It only involves making use of the Will Inquisition Stone to peer into the innate world of the student. Whichever teacher the student trusts more, that teacher wins.

The rules might be simple, but the Will Inquisition Stone is an expensive commodity, not to mention that it is the type of product that is exceptionally rare. Furthermore, it is a single-use consumable. Thus, unless required, the academy is unwilling to use such means.

As for the expenditure required for the process, normally, it is compensated by the losing side.

In the eyes of Cao Xiong and the rest, Zhang Xuan is just an incapable trash who had scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination. How can it be possible for Liu Yang, a student among the top hundred, to become his student willingly?

He is bound to lose the moment the trial starts!

By then, not only will he be expelled from the academy shamefully, he will be bankrupt as well and his reputation will be in the gutters. Truly killing three birds with one stone.

“Let’s begin!”

Seeing that the two have no objections to it, Elder Shang Chen gestures with his hand.

Zhang Xuan and Cao Xiong walk upwards to a crystal ball each and drip a droplet of their fresh blood on the crystal balls.

A warm glow radiates and their faces reflect in the Will Inquisition Crystal Balls.

“Go!” Elder Shang Chen says.

Liu Yang walks over and places his left and right hands on a crystal ball each.


The crystal balls immediately light up and their radiance envelops his entire body.

“The Will Inquisition Stone has hypnotic abilities. The moment one comes into contact with it, one will descend into an illusory realm. In there, all actions done will be a result of one’s true will, and no external factors will influence one’s will. If one was truly forced to become a student, not only will one not hold any trust towards his teacher, one might even hold feelings of abhorrence towards him! As such, the Enlightenment Will Trial is the most straightforward and accurate method to differentiate whether a student is truly willing to acknowledge a teacher!”

Gazing upon Liu Yang who had already closed his eyes and descended into the illusory realm, Elder Mo Xiang slowly says.

“Indeed, trust level represents the level of trust one holds towards another, and the maximum of which is a hundred points. Every ten points is a demarcation zone and zero points means an absolute lack of trust! Ten points means slight trust, twenty means average trust… The relationship between a teacher and student tends to be around thirty. It is said that the more incredible teachers can make a student’s trust in them reach fifty. That is considered an extremely fearsome result, and it is extremely rare for such results to appear, even considering the entire Tianxuan Kingdom! After all, a child’s trust towards their parents only hovers around sixty or such!”

Elder Shang Chen strokes his beard as he continues.

The conversation between the two is, in fact, telling the others about the concepts behind the Enlightenment Will Trial.

Humans are thinking creatures and each of them has their own thoughts. It isn’t that easy a feat to have one trust in another.

Not mentioning others, even one’s parents, who have lived with them since young, are unable to reach a hundred points of trust!

Needless to say, a teacher.

Only through long periods of interaction can one’s trust level in another slowly rise up.

Yet, it has been barely two days since the start of school. Furthermore, given Zhang Xuan’s horrid reputation, how can he induce trust in any of his students?

It is clear to see even when thinking with one’s toes.

“Right, Elder Mo, I heard that one of the prerequisites to become a Master Teacher seems to be the student’s trust level, may I know if it is true?”

After explaining the process, Elder Shang Chen remembers something and is unable to hold in his curiosity, he asks.

Teachers can be divided into low-level, intermediate-level and high-level. Zhang Xuan belongs to the bottom category, low-level, whereas Shen Bi Ru and Shang Bin have already attained the ranking of high-level.

Most people’s journey comes to an end as a high-level teacher.

The two famous teachers of Hongtian Academy, Lu Xun and Wang Chao, are also at this level.

Master Teachers are a level above that of high-level teachers!

Master Teachers aren’t just famous for their reputation, they possess their unique insights into cultivation. One can only become stronger under the tutelage of such a person, allowing them to eventually becoming a heroic figure of a territory.

Emperor Shen Zhui is neither the queen’s son or the eldest son. By logic, it is impossible for the crown to be passed down to him. However, it is said that during his youth, he once studied under a Master Teacherfor a few days, causing his strength to increase by leaps and bounds, thus becoming the strongest of the younger generation. Eventually, he even became the number one expert of the royal family, therefore forming the basis for him to inherit the throne to further the country’s greatness!

It is the dream of countless people to study under a Master Teacher!

Teachers can only be considered as a lower occupation of the Upper Nine Paths. However, if one were to become a Master Teacher, then even among the numerous occupations among the Upper Nine Paths, they are without a doubt, and indisputably, a member of the number one occupation.

This is especially so, given the occupation’s frightening ability to rally people. Even the popular occupations, apothecary, blacksmith, formation masters… aren’t able to compete at all!

Teachers are known to have innumerable students all over the world. This is even more true for Master Teacher. It is very possible for any expert one sees or hears of to be his student. The moment something happens, many people will answer to their calls, to the point that even those in authority dare not offend them.

It is said that there was once an emperor from a great kingdom who offended a Master Teacher. With a single call, dozens of Fighter 8-dan Zongshi realm experts surged in, and in less than a day the entire kingdom was destroyed. The royal family was completely purged, not a single descendant of their bloodline remains.

This is precisely why it is a known fact among cultivators that one can offend anyone, just not a Master Teacher!

Who knows how many students he has? Who knows how many experts there are in their midst?

Offending them is equivalent to stirring a hornet’s nest. Even if one doesn’t die, he will be crippled!

Of course, the title of a Master Teacherisn’t that easily attainable. There are many conditions and prerequisites to it, and earning a student’s trust rapidly is one of it.

名师 (Mingshi) -> Master Teacher
Rather than master, the literal meaning is renowned and capable teacher etc.
Lao shi -> Teacher
Ming shi -> Master Teacher

Think of it this way, a teacher is just an ordinary teacher whereas a Master Teacher is like a professor (Job advancement)

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