LoHP Chapter 62: Shang Bin on the Brink of Collapsing

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Chapter 62: Shang Bin on the Brink of Collapsing

No matter where a beauty goes, she would always attract the attention of males. For her, many have came up with all kinds of methods just to make her spare them an additional glance. This kind of ‘hero rescuing the beauty’ is one of the lousiest tricks in the book!

In such a play, either he would showcase his incredible prowess, or he would allow the other party to bash him up, thus inducing her to feel pity for him. From then on, the pity would slowly give rise to love…

In any case, regardless of which, those are doings with purposeful intentions and it incurs her irritation.

Upon coming to this realisation, Shen Bi Ru retreats from the circle of battle.

Since the both of you are doing it purposely, I won’t bother with it then. You can carry on doing whatever you like…

Peng peng peng peng!

Seeing his nemesis charging in frenziedly, Yao Han gives his all without showing any mercy whatsoever. In just a few moments, the fearless and resolute Shang Bin is beaten to a pulp once again and fresh blood trickles down his face.

Yao Han isn’t any better either. Blood permeates through the layers of cloth on his mummy-like face.

“Such realistic acting… Go on with it…” Shen Bi Ru comments with arms akimbo.

“Shen laoshi, help Shang shaoye quickly, he is on the verge of losing…”

Seeing Shang Bin beaten to the verge of death, Cao Xiong can’t resist stepping forward to persuade her.

Being just Fighter 4-dan Pigu realm, he pales far too much in comparison to the two who are battling at the moment. He will just be courting death if he interferes in the fight. As such, the only viable solution is to plead with the Shen laoshi standing before him.

“Is it alright for me to help him?” Seeing the other party’s ‘support’ coming up to her, Shen Bi Ru sneers coldly.

“Yes, if you don’t save him, Shang shaoye will definitely die…”

Unable to see through her cold intentions, Cao Xiong hurriedly says.

“Fine, I will go then!” Shen Bi Ru steps forward.


Seeing her walking over to join the fray once more, Yao Han pushes Shang Bin away with both of his hands, causing the latter to retreat two steps. Then, he steps out of the battle and says, “Very well, I will remember this. Your nobility, as well as the favor the both of you have showered me with, I will make sure to return it in the future!”

He is wounded at the moment, just Shen Bi Ru herself is already pushing it for him. Furthermore, even if he is able to defeat the both of them, they are currently in Hongtian Academy. The longer the battle drags on here for, the more likely troublesome matters will come his way. If the other party has prepared some scheme beforehand, he might even find himself unable to escape then.

Thus, after hesitating for a moment, he decisively chooses to leave.

The two of them might have failed to exact vengeance upon him, and the other party has been reduced to quite a pitiful state by him as well, but this grudge has been established. It is just a matter of time before he returns it back to them…

After which, Yao Han turns around to leave. In an instant, he disappears from the vision of the crowd.

If a Fighter 6-dan Pixue realm expert were to flee, even Shen Bi Ru will be unable to catch up with him.

Besides, she doesn’t have the intention to pursue him either. At this moment, the cold intention on her face deepens.

The moment she is about to step in, the other party flees. What does this mean? Simple, it means that the show has come to an end. Naturally, he would have to leave…

“Shen laoshi, I didn’t expect that you would treat me so well. I understand your intentions…” Seeing Shen Bi Ru charging ahead to save him, Shang Bin is filled with joy. He turns his completely swollen red face over, smiles and strikes a pose that he finds dashing. “Actually, I love you as well…”

Still furious with him, she is curious to see what kind of lousy tricks this fellow would use to attract her attention. Hearing these words, Shen Bi Ru almost explodes from rage.

My intentions?

My intentions your head!

“You hoodlum!” Shen Bi Ru spits through gritted teeth.


A slap flies over.


After mustering his courage to confess, just as he thought the beauty would leap into his embrace, he feels intense pain on his face. Uncontrollably, his body staggers and he knocks onto the metal gate. Shang Bin’s eyes spin and he almost faints on the spot.

The heck did you slap me for?

Didn’t you battle with someone else for me?

He is almost going crazy.

What the heck is going on? Friendly at one moment, furious at the next. Spring at one moment, winter at the next… Did I offend you or what…


Just as Shang Bin’s heart has broken down and he is still trying to comprehend the situation, the door to the classroom slowly opens. Zhang Xuan walks out and frowns upon seeing everyone else. “I am the in the midst of my lessons, it is unbecoming for you all to be making a ruckus here.”

“Zhang Xuan, you came at the perfect timing!”

Just as his heart is in the midst of crumbling, upon seeing Zhang Xuan’s appearance, Shang Bin’s rage immediately flurries, “Cao Xiong laoshi has already submitted an appeal to the school, accusing you of using deception to coerce his student, Liu Yang, to become your student! The academy has already approved the usage of the Enlightenment Will Trial, so I advise you to quickly bring Liu Yang over!”

“Enlightenment Will Trial?”

Zhang Xuan is puzzled for a moment. Then, recalling the memories of his previous self, he comes to a realisation and frowns.

“Indeed. Right now, I am passing this message to you as a representative of the Education Bureau. If you don’t go, that would be disobeying the rules of the academy and similarly, you will be fired as well!” Shang Bin sneers coldly.

He might be unable to defeat Yao Han, and he doesn’t dare to say too much to Goddess Shen. Thus, he can only direct all of his wrath onto this trash of a teacher.

“Zhang Xuan laoshi, don’t go…” Shen Bi Ru’s beautiful eyebrows knit together.

She might not know what tricks Shang Bin has under his sleeves for doing this, but regardless of what, this is definitely a ploy directed towards Zhang Xuan. The moment he agrees and a problem occurs with the Enlightenment Will Trial, not only will he lose his teaching license, he might even get fired!

However, before she can finish her words, Zhang Xuan interrupts her with a hand gesture and says, “Alright, I’ll go!”

It is true that Liu Yang felt indignant upon becoming Zhang Xuan’s student before. However, at this moment, Liu Yang is already completely impressed with him. Even if the latter were to tell him to jump off from a tall building to practice movement techniques, he would most probably agree to it without any hesitation.

With such level of trust, what does he have to fear from an Enlightenment Will Trial?

Given how confident this fellow is, let’s see who will be the one to be embarrassed in the end!

“If you dare not go, I will inform the Security Bureau in the academy and have them take you…” Thinking that Zhang Xuan would be resistant to it, Shang Bin goes on shouting righteously when the situation finally strikes him, “Ah? What did you say? You will go?”

Zhang Xuan doesn’t reply. With a faint smile, he turns around and walks to the entrance of the classroom, “Liu Yang, come with me!”

“Yes!” Liu Yang walks out from the classroom.


Not expecting the other party to be so cooperative, traces of hesitation appears on Shang Bin’s confident face.

“Shang shaoye, don’t be worried. This Liu Yang is a student that I brought in specially. I am confident that he wishes to be my student!” Cao Xiong says with a suppressed voice.


Hearing his guarantee, Shang Bin nods his head and walks forward with large strides, “Let’s go!”


Seeing the young man agreeing so recklessly, Shen Bi Ru feels anxious.

The Enlightenment Will Trial is a method of settling disputes when two teachers have fallen out with one another but are still unable to settle the matter. The moment the trial starts, the side that is proven to be guilty of deception will receive a severe punishment!

How can such a thing be accepted that easily? No matter what, he should try to push it down and ideally, settle it peacefully. Otherwise… he could be in deep trouble!

“It’s nothing much!”

Knowing that the other party is worrying for him, Zhang Xuan smiles lightly. Without explaining anything, he lifts his leg and follows behind Shang Bin towards the academy’s 【Enlightenment Will Tower】.

“This fellow…”

Seeing how the young man takes her advice for granted, Shen Bi Ru is furious and anxious.

As a beauty, others would always happily listen to her own words. Yet, not only does this fellow ignore her advice, he charges towards what she is warning him against. Isn’t this courting death?

One must know that Shang Bin’s grandfather is the head of the Education Bureau. If he dares to do so, then he must have already prepared a trap beforehand against him…

“Leaping into misfortune on your own accord, you deserve it if anything happens to you!”

Shen Bi Ru stomps her leg furiously. However, after a slight moment of hesitation, she still quickly catches up with the lot.

Towards Zhang Xuan, she only feels curiosity. Love is not in the equation. However, she is the reason why Shang Bin is going against him. No matter what, she can’t just stand idly by the sidelines!

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