LoHP Chapter 60: The Greatest Person

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Chapter 60: The Greatest Person

Zhang Xuan is a transcender, so how could he have known that creating a cultivation technique would result in such astonishment and commotion. As such, he is unable to understand the reason behind the expressions of the students. With a calm face, he takes out another book, “Liu Yang, this manual is something I just wrote based on your situation. Cultivate according to it, and your right hand should recover completely within half a month or so!”

Before anyone can even react, he takes out a few more books again and passes them over.

“Yuan Tao, you have good defensive abilities. The book I passed you the previous time is your fundamental cultivation technique while this one is aimed at improving your defensive abilities. Wang Ying and Zheng Yang as well, I have compiled your unique characteristics and wrote a book for you two each. If you two were to train according to it, your cultivation should rise swiftly!”

Since they are all his students, naturally, he can’t favor one more than the other. Thus, there is a gift for every one of them.

These cultivation techniques are made from combining multiple secret manuals from the teacher’s Compendium Pavilion using the Library of Heaven’s Path. They are tailored specially for Wang Ying, Liu Yang and the rest of them based on their physical conditions. There are still flaws in there, but there are significantly less of them compared to the other secret manuals.

“These secret manuals…”

“What an impressive cultivation technique…”

Regardless of whether it is Wang Ying, Liu Yang or Zheng Yang, they are all people who are capable of telling the value of a manual. Just by taking a look at these nameless manuals, all of them tremble vigorously in agitation.

The manuals can be said to be tailored perfectly to them, not to mention how incredibly high tiered they are. Comparing the manuals they just received with the ones they cultivated before, the other ones are like trash among the trash, there is totally no way to put the both of them together!

“Teacher, these books… we are allowed to name them?”

Unable to hold it in anymore, Wang Ying asks.

“Un, feel free to do so!”

Zhang Xuan waves his hand.


His students stare at one another, their fists subconsciously clench tightly together.

Writing a single cultivation technique is already an incredible feat. Yet, to write five of them, and every one is tailored for each of them, even allowing them to name their technique themselves…

This capability and this generosity!

It is unheard of in the entire Hongtian Academy!

The crux of it all is that these cultivation techniques are made specially to cater to their needs…

No matter how vast one’s knowledge is and how enlightened one is towards the path of cultivation, they would have surely expended a lot of effort to create them. It is very likely that he hasn’t slept for the entire night!

Their teacher stayed awake for the entire night to toil on these cultivation techniques for them, and yet they doubted if their teacher possessed the abilities to guide them…

This is too…

The eyes of the crowd turn red again.

This sentiment, is equivalent to changing their entire lives!

“Thank you, teacher!”

The five of them kneel down simultaneously. Staring at Zhang Xuan who is standing before them, unwavering determination appears in their eyes, “Zhang laoshi, rest easy. We promise to never divulge these cultivation techniques outwards. Whoever divulges them will receive any type of punishment you mete out willingly!”

“Never divulge them? Alright!”

These cultivation techniques created using the Library of Heaven’s Path pale far in comparison to the Heaven’s Path Divine Art, so Zhang Xuan isn’t too bothered about it. At this moment, hearing his students say these words, he agrees with it nonchalantly.

“This is the disposition of a true master!”

Seeing Zhang laoshi indifferent to this matter, the students concede to him willingly.

What is a master?

This is a master!

Who is the greatest person?

He is!

To be capable but humble, misunderstood but unfazed, humiliated but composed and calm in the face of sudden situations…

To have such a teacher is a tremendous blessing of theirs!

Zhang Xuan doesn’t know that in this moment, he has already ascended from the ranks of a mortal to a god within the hearts of his students. After instructing everyone to cultivate as soon as possible, Zhang Xuan is free once more.

A teacher should not be keeping a watch on his students, but rather, allow them to train and learn by themselves. A teacher is only responsible for pointing out their faults and direct them towards the correct path.

Now that all of them have suitable cultivation techniques, as long as they cultivate as per normal, they will be able to achieve acceptable results.


Hesitation appears on Shen Bi Ru’s flawless face. However, thinking about the wonders the young man showed her yesterday, her curiosity burns once more and she determinedly walks over.

She is the goddess of the academy, the idol of all male teachers and students. Everyday, the number of flowers and presents the teachers and students gift her is countless. Even so, she is nonchalant to it and never tries to approach a teacher of the opposite sex on her own. However… the young man yesterday attracts her as though a mystery, causing her to walk over without any say on the matter. In fact, she wasn’t even able to conduct a lesson properly this morning due to it.

“I’m just going over to expose him… There isn’t any other reason to it!”

Finding an excuse for herself, she heaves a sigh of relief and proceeds forward in large strides.

Speaking of this Zhang Xuan laoshi, she has known him since a long time ago. However, as she never really interacted with him, she isn’t too knowledgeable of his affairs. Even so, based on the descriptions of others, there are only three adjectives to describe him. Worst! Worst! And finally, still worst!

He is reputed for being the worst teacher in the academy.

All along, she has thought so as well. However, yesterday, her thoughts were overturned.

He could remember all the contents of a book just by casually flipping through it. Despite scoring a zero in his Teacher Qualification Examination, he is able to come up with multiple answers for the questions in it. Just by eating a meal, she realises that he is a gourmet. Furthermore, to be able to persuade the Sky Shattering Lion to listen to him so easily…

What used to be the worst teacher in her eyes became an enigma. Incomprehension clouds over her no matter how she contemplates over it.

“Forget it, I will stop thinking about it. Today, I will definitely get an answer out of him…”

Harrumphing coldly, she raises her jade-like face. Only then does she realise that she is already standing right before Zhang Xuan’s classroom. Just as she is about to enter, she sees a mummy-like person standing outside the door.

Yao Han is in a dilemma.

Yesterday, when he made a move and roared publicly at Zhang Xuan in the classroom, he was reprimanded by the young mistress when they returned.

After which, when he returns back to his dwelling at night, he thinks about the matter and rage wells up in him.

The origin of this mess is that trash of a teacher, Zhang Xuan.

If not for him committing something indecent to the young mistress, causing the young mistress to be blackmailed by him, how could her face blush completely red as she insists on becoming his student? If not for that, he wouldn’t have been beaten up to such a state when he went over to assault him at night.

Unable to persuade his young mistress, his original intention was to inform the city lord of the matter, so that he can step forth and settle the issue. However, Baiyu City is a long distance away, and even the best horse would take at least half a month for a two-way journey. If he were to really leave… What if that beast of a teacher were to do something immoral? If so, even if he were to die, it would be hard for him to swallow the blame!

“What should I do? Young mistress would definitely be unhappy with me if I were to barge in right now. However, if I do not barge in, she might get bullied and hurt…”

Just like that, Yao Han stood at the entrance for a very long time, perplexed.

“Who are you?”

While he is still in a dilemma between the two course of action to take, an oriole-like voice sounds. Lifting his head to take a look, he sees a beautiful lady standing at a short distance away looking at him with a puzzled expression.

This beautiful lady is around twenty year old or so. She is dressed in a light purple robe which brings out her elegant figure perfectly. With skin as smooth as cream, despite not moving much, she is still absolutely gorgeous.

“I don’t think that there’s any need for me to tell you who I am!”

No matter what, Yao Han is a veteran who has experienced the harsh world. Thus, he recovers quickly and harrumphs.

You are just a little girl while I am the butler of Baiyu City Lord’s Residence. Are you worthy of having me report my identity to you?

Besides… Most importantly of all, how can I dare to proclaim my identity in such a state…

“Refusing to identify yourself? What do you intend to do here by covering your face then?” The beautiful lady frowns. Gedeng, her heart suddenly pounds and a thought flashes through her mind. “This fellow, it can’t be that… He is hired by Shang Bin to teach Zhang Xuan a lesson!”

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  2. Thanks for the chapter StarveCleric, Thaddpole, and Tortex! I feel kind of bad for Yao Han. He gets crap all the time, but he’s really a faithful butler who has his charge’s best interests in mind.


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