LoHP Chapter 57: Storage Ring

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Chapter 57: Storage Ring

“You won’t get away that easily!”

This fellow had Zhang Xuan surrounded, and demanded him to kneel down and compensate him. Naturally, Zhang Xuan can’t possibly let him off the hook so easily. Zhang Xuan does a quick job out of the several Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm pinnacle ‘supports’ and turning his body around, he heads straight for the ‘Master Mo Yang’ ahead of him.

With the significant breakthrough in the strength of his physical body, Zhang Xuan’s body movement is reminiscent of a frog. Every single time the base of his foot comes into contact with the ground, he will fly forward 10 meters. Despite not possessing any footwork techniques, his speed is swift like a roc.
Roc is a giant legendary bird that appears in Journey to the West. It is known for its speed.

“The heck!”

The frantically escaping ‘Master Mo Yang’ turns his head, just to see the other party flitting towards him with large strides, his movements similar to that of the immortals. The overwhelming shock causes him to forget to breathe for a split moment and he almost tumbles over.

He thought that Zhang Xuan is a lamb that he can easily squeeze to death, so he fervently hunted him down to wash away the shame from the incident earlier this day. Yet, never did he expect that he would run into a lion’s den.

If only he knew that Zhang Xuan was that formidable, he would have never come looking for him.

Judging from how young that fellow is, even if he started training inside his mother’s womb, it is still illogical for his strength to rise that quickly…

‘Master Mo Yang’ feels endless regret, to the point that even the thought of suicide pops in his head.

If only his mouth wasn’t that inauspicious for him to pick out that fellow out of the entire crowd when he was scamming the others in the treasure speculation hall, the other party would not have exposed his deeds and he could have walked out of the hall pompously under the gazes of respect from the crowd, despite scamming their money. Even after his ploy was exposed, he could have just escaped the capital, and nothing would have happened. Yet, he just had to decide on exacting vengeance. Now, not only did he fail to exact vengeance, on the contrary, he became the one who is being chased like a weakling. What the heck is this…

Truly, if one doesn’t dedicate his soul to committing suicide, one wouldn’t die. Ah, my heart…

Despite being just nineteen, Zhang Xuan had cultivated the Heaven’s Path Divine Art and Heaven’s Path Golden Body. His body had been nourished by zhenqi, cleared of impurities, and his bones had been tempered and forged anew, causing him to look younger than his real age. At one look, he looks barely seventeen or eighteen.

At such an age, an average person would only be at Fighter 1-dan or 2-dan. Yet, the moment they all made a move, it is clear to see that not even with all of them combined could they match up with Zhang Xuan. Thus, it would actually be more bizarre if he didn’t choose to escape.


While complaining in his mind, he feels a stifling sensation in his chest. Following which, a flat voice sounds from his back.


Before he can turn around to counterattack, he feels a sharp pain at the center of his spinal cord. He stumbles forward and with his face in contact with the ground, he flies forward, creating a deep gorge on the ground in his track.

“My face…” ‘Master Mo Yang’ is on the verge of tears.

Without taking a look, it is clear that his face is already ruined.


As though not sparing the moment for him to wallow in self-pity, a foot steps on his head.

“You should have thought of the possibility of such an outcome when you came for my life…”

Zhang Xuan steps on the head of the other party with an impassive expression.

He had only been an ordinary librarian in his previous life. However, ever since becoming a part of this world, he had comprehended the logic of might reigning supreme here.

If his strength turned out to be inadequate today, he might have possibly died already.

“Don’t kill me. Lord, as long as you do not kill me, I am willing to hand over my years of savings to you…”

Clearly feeling the other party’s ability to crush his head by exerting force through the foot that’s on his head, ‘Master Mo Yang’ trembles uncontrollably.

Comparing money with life, it is clear that the latter is much more valuable.

“Oh? Show it to me then. I’ll see if it is sufficient to buy your life!”

Zhang Xuan replies blandly.

“Yes, yes!”

Hearing the other party’s words, ‘Master Mo Yang’ hurriedly takes off his ring with trembling fingers and presents it to Zhang Xuan. “Everything is inside. I beseech lord… to take a look!”

“Inside?” Zhang Xuan frowns.

What can be fitted into a ring?

However, as an ‘expert’, he can’t be posing such an inquiry to the other party. His mind jolts and a book appears.

“Low-tier Storage Ring. Possesses three meters square of space within. Flaws: Inferior method of creation…”

The book describes the details of the ring thoroughly.

“Storage ring? To think that a giant fraudster like him would possess such a good item. Looks like I’ve made a huge earning this time!”

When browsing through the books on the academy’s Compendium Pavilion, he became aware of the existence of the ‘mountain in a seed’ mystical treasure. Initially, he thought that it was a treasure that was far from his reach, to think that this fellow would possess it!

Even though it is a low-tier storage ring, it should be worth at least 500000 gold coins.

Even the elders of the academy might not be able to afford such a luxury.

He can’t help but feel surprised by a fraudster possessing such an item.

However, after giving this matter some thoughts, he comes to a realization. Without this item, how can he bring away the money he earned? If he were to carry the stack of money around, it would just be a matter of time before he gets discovered, caught and executed.

Looks like this fellow had spent much of his fortune just to buy this.

As Zhang Xuan expects, a face of heartache appears on the face of the other party as he passes the object over.

Recalling the details of storage rings in the book he read regarding it previously, he drips a drop of fresh blood on it.


With a jolt of his mind, a three meters square space appears in his vision. It is filled with gold coins, numbering up to a hundred thousand.

His character may be sub-par, but he does have quite a bit of saving.

“Lord, since you have accepted the item, I beg you to spare my life…” Seeing the young man, ‘Master Mo Yang’ hurriedly says.

“Spare your life? It is not impossible for me to do that. If you hand over the banknotes that you have secretly hidden on your body, sparing you is just a small matter!” Zhang Xuan looks at him with a bright smile.

“You… You…”

With narrowed eyes, ‘Master Mo Yang’ looks as though he had met a ghost as disbelief shrouds his features.

A cunning rabbit has three burrows. As an experienced scammer, he has already prepared a course of action in case he gets captured. Thus, when he was running away, he secretly moved to his body the banknotes he had accumulated throughout the years. This is also the reason why he generously offered his storage ring over. The goal of it is to numb the other party so that he wouldn’t conduct a body search on him.

As long as he was able to get away safely, even if he loses the storage ring and the wealth stored within it, with such banknotes in his possession, he is able to live without worries as a wealthy man and start anew!

He thought that his actions were extremely covert. He couldn’t have imagined that this young-looking man had seen through his actions from the start.

He… How did he know?

Even if he is powerful, it is impossible for him to see through his clothes and notice the banknotes hidden within!


Can’t be bothered to argue with the other party, with a claw, Zhang Xuan rips apart his clothes, and in accordance with his expectations, ten banknotes expose themselves between the tattered clothes. Each of them is worth 100 000, and they added up to a massive sum of 1 000 000!

“Looks like I have made a huge profit this time…”

Delighted to see the enormous amount of money, Zhang Xuan’s eyes radiate light.

“I have given you all my money, so you can let me go now…”

Seeing how the other party is aware even of his hidden stash, ‘Master Mo Yang’ becomes disconsolate, his previous haughty aura gone without a trace as cries threaten to escape from his throat.

“Hehe. Yang Mo, an apprentice appraiser. A scammer in Liuzhu Kingdom who made his name as an appraiser, notorious for his frauds to earn wealth and the favor of women. Skilled in Voice of Allurement, which beguiles the mind of others through words, making it easier to convince them…”

Zhang Xuan’s foot remains firmly on his head as he revealed the information compiled on this ‘master’ from the library with a smiling face.

“You… You… How did you know? Who the hell are you?!”

‘Master Mo Yang’s’ eyes narrow as his whole body trembles intensely, as fear reflects on his face.

Mountain in a seed (芥子纳须弥 jie zi na xu ni)
It is Buddhism term which means Buddhism is intricately linked with the world.
The mountain refers to Mount Meru, a mountain in Hinduism mythology, whereas the seed just refers to a mustard seed. The mountain just refers to the massive while the mustard seed refers to the minute. (Later, Mount Meru is used in Buddhism as the dwelling of Śakra and the Four Heavenly Kings)

Bai Ju Yi (Tang Dynasty) once said, “The Mount Meru is massive and tall while the mustard seed is small and tiny. How can the mountain be contained within the seed?”

The origin came from the conversation between a scholar and an enlightened monk.
The scholar asked a monk about a phrase in the scriptures, which states ‘The seed is concealed within the mountains, while the mountains is contained within the seed’, and he mentioned that the idea of it was way too ridiculous.
The monk replied by posing another question of his, “Is it true that studying wears down thousands of scrolls?”
The scholar replied gleefully, “Indeed! Indeed! I have weared down more than thousands of scrolls!”
The monk continued asking, “Then, where do you keep the thousands of scrolls that you’ve read?”
The scholar replied by pointing to his head, “Here.”
The monk then proceeds to ask, “That’s weird, your head is only the size of a coconut, how can it contain several thousands of scrolls? Are you lying as well?”
After hearing which, the scholar is enlightened.

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