LoHP Chapter 38: Reprise Bell

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Chapter 38: Reprise Bell

It is a scene of chaos in Hongtian Pavilion.

“What happened? I have barely been away for a while and such a sight awaits my return?”

In a room, an elderly stares coldly at the kneeling manager Wu.

He is the mastermind behind Hongtian Pavilion, Elder Hong Hao.

“Elder, it is like that. The grandson of Elder Shang Chen, Shang Bin, has been here…” Manager Wu doesn’t dare to conceal anything and discloses everything that had happened.

This includes the affair which he swapped the Drunk Immortal with Green Crag Brew.

“Wu Chou, how dare you!”

After hearing Wu Chou’s words, Elder Hong Hao’s face darkens and he angrily sends a kick towards him.


Manager Wu is immediately sent flying backward. His face pales as he vomits mouthful after mouthful of blood. “Elder, spare me! I do not dare hope to be forgiven for my crimes, but that fellow is even viler. To expose all of these in public and causing the reputation of our Hongtian Pavilion to be ruined, he obviously disregards elder you completely…”

“Hmph! After doing such shameful things, you still expect others not to talk about them?” Elder Hong Hao’s face looks hostile, as though a violent storm is gathering on it


Manager Wu trembles uncontrollably.

Changing the contents of the dishes to earn more profits is a decision he made at his own discretion. He thought that he had concealed it perfectly. Yet, he was exposed by that young man in public. Naturally, he feels great resentment against him.

“I’ll give you five days to settle this problem thoroughly. I want the negative impacts to be reduced to the bare minimum! If so, I can consider not to pursue the matter of your corruption. Otherwise, don’t even dream about getting away alive!” Elder Hong Hao’s eyes are cold like a blizzard at night. Standing up, he asks, “Also, what is the name of that fellow? Is he a teacher of the academy? If he had informed me discreetly, I might have rewarded him with a sum of fortune, but he chose to cause trouble in public instead, soiling the reputation of my Hongtian Pavilion. I will have a good look at him tomorrow to see who is the one who gave him such guts!”

Bellowing furiously, a savage aura fills the surroundings. It feels like a frontal assault by a wave of frost, causing one to shiver uncontrollably despite the warm weather.

Fighter 7-dan Tongxuan realm!

This Elder Hong Hao is a Tongxuan realm expert! It is no wonder that he was able to vie for the position of the principal. Just his level of cultivation itself is already astonishing!

“It… It is Zhang Xuan laoshi!”

Manager Wu quickly says.

“Zhang Xuan? The one who was the last in the Teacher Qualification Examination?” Elder Hong Hao is taken aback.

Hongtian Academy had never had a single teacher scoring at the very bottom of the Teacher Qualification Examination throughout its centuries of history since its inception. Thus, even a person like Elder Hong Hao had heard of Zhang Xuan’s name.

“That’s him…” Manager Wu nods his head.

“A trash would actually dare to trample on the dignity of Hongtian Pavilion? Excellent!” Clenching his fist, a cold glint flashes across his eyes. A heavy murdering intent emanates from Elder Hong Hao.

If the other party is a star teacher or an influential figure in the academy, he might have some hesitation over punishing him. However, since he is a trash… Then, don’t blame him for being heartless!


“Sigh, how troublesome!”

Returning back to his dwelling, Zhang Xuan massages the center of his eyebrows.

He would have never thought it possible for so much trouble to evolve from just a simple meal.

“Forget it, there’s no use pondering over it. I better spend my time thinking about how I can break into Pixue realm!”

Quickly, he dumps all excessive thoughts to the back of his head.

Despite being a transcender, he knows that in this world, power reigns might. Only with sufficient power will the problems of one cease to be.

He is currently at Dingli realm pinnacle and to break through, he would need the cultivation techniques of Fighter 6-dan.

However, an ordinary teacher doesn’t have the qualification to browse through the 6-dan cultivation techniques of the academy. They can only jot down a copy of it with the approval of an elder.

In the previous examination, he only had the strength of a Fighter 3-dan. If he were to rush to an elder to ask for a 6-dan cultivation technique now, he might end up being researched like a guinea pig. Many troubles will grow out of it.

Furthermore, even with the approval of the other party, with just one copy… He is still unable to cultivate!

Based on the first 5 dan of Hongtian Nine Dan Formula, this cultivation technique possesses too many flaws. Without the cross references from numerous other cultivation technique to seek the correct cultivation method, there wouldn’t be any results in his training even if he were to train non-stop for several years.

To him, the most pressing matter at hand is to seek a huge pile of Fighter 6-dan cultivation techniques and draw comparisons among them to deduce the correct cultivation method

“Un, I’ve heard that quite a bit of trading is done in Tianxuan Royal City and cultivation techniques are one of the goods that are being traded. It would solve quite a bit of problem if I am able to purchase a few 6-dan cultivation techniques!”

Suddenly, upon recalling something, Zhang Xuan’s eyes light up.

Hongtian Academy is located in the capital of Tianxuan Kingdom, Tianxuan Royal City. Tianxuan Royal City is an extraordinarily prosperous city. With numerous large commercial cities in here, all kinds of trade are carried out here. 6-dan cultivation techniques may be rare, but it is still sold in numerous shops here.

Furthermore, to Zhang Xuan, there isn’t really a need for him to buy them. As long as he manages to flip through them, it would be as good as gaining possession of the secret manual.

With the Library of Heaven’s Path, the quality and price of the secret manual no longer matter. As long as there is sufficient quantity, he would be able to derive the correct path out of the innumerable errors, and the Heaven’s Path Divine Art would be automatically compiled, thus allowing him to cultivate swiftly.

“It is still early. Let’s see if I am able to get a few books today!”

At this point, Zhang Xuan stops hesitating and stands up immediately.

The sun has just set and the nightlife has just begun. Since he is free anyway, it is a good opportunity to stroll through the commercial cities. Perhaps, he might find some useful items.

Tianyu Commercial City is the largest trading market in Tianxuan City. It is said that as long as one possesses sufficient money, he is able to buy everything he desires here.

Stepping into the market, Zhang Xuan feels his vision blurring from the sight of the innumerable goods laid out before him.

His previous self was just an ordinary teacher. His wages were low and he was treated poorly. As a result, he had never been to such a grand place before. Thus, Zhang Xuan finds himself incapable of identifying most of the goods on sale here.

There are many small vendors in the commercial city. A vendor sits in front of each of these booths and all kinds of goods are laid out before them.

Weapons, pills, herbs, armor, beast skin, beast pills…

Almost everything that is required for cultivation can be found here.

Just that, there are too many of them. It is difficult to ascertain which of them are of superior quality and which of them are of inferior quality.

“I might be unable to discern between the good and bad, but the Library of Heaven’s Path might be capable of it!”

Such a thought flashes through his mind. Thus, Zhang Xuan immediately walks over to a booth.

“This gentleman here, what are you looking for? I have everything you need here and I guarantee your satisfaction with my goods!” The vendor quickly welcomes his presence.

“I’ll just take a casual look!” Zhang Xuan smiles. He casually picks up an object in the booth.

It is a circular bell of average size.

“This bell is specially forged by a blacksmith and has extraordinary abilities. It is on sale for just 50 gold coins. I can assure you that the price is fair. I offer the very same price to everyone passing by! If you’re interested in it, I can give you a special discount… It’ll be yours for just 20 gold coins!”

The vendor coaxes.

Zhang Xuan doesn’t respond to his words. Rather, he twirls the bell around his hand.


The library in his mind jolts and a book appears in it.

“Reprise Bell. It is able to generate the same tune over and over again, causing one to feel dizzy-headed. It is effective against Fighter 1-dan. It is created by a 1-mo craftsman of Blue Cloud Workshop. It is made of Wujin Metal…”

“Flaws: No. 1, the duration required for the reprise sound to take effect is long, requiring at least an incense’s time, making it an ineffective weapon in battle. No. 2, it doesn’t differentiate in its attacks, the wielder will take damage from it as well…”
~15 minute

“Indeed, it is possible!” Zhang Xuan smiles.

It doesn’t matter even if he is unfamiliar with all these items. As long as he touches them with his hands and picks them up, the library would compile a corresponding book on it!

Furthermore, this book details the history, composition and all kinds of flaws of the item in question comprehensively. With just a single look, it is apparent to see if the item is valuable or not.

Those who are unaware of the truth might just buy it with the vendor’s previous offer of 20 gold coins. Only by looking at the contents recorded in the book does Zhang Xuan realize that this toy isn’t even worth 2 gold coins!

What specially forged by a blacksmith… Blue Cloud Workshop is an organization that specializes in the production of fake goods.

Furthermore, 1-mo craftsmen are the ones with the worst craftsmanship of them all.

Those who specializes in the creation of goods and handicraft are termed as craftsmen. They are classified into 9 mo, with 1-mo being the worst and 9-mo being the best.

How valuable can a creation of a 1-mo craftsman be?

“With the library here, I won’t have to worry about purchasing fake goods…”

Zhang Xuan chuckles.

This world is similar to his previous one. With authentic goods come imitations and given his previous ability of discernment, needless to say, the authentic ones, he might not even be able to tell the strengths and weaknesses of an imitation. However, with the assistance of the library, he doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Just that, he needs to come into contact with the item for a book to be compiled on it. The number of items in this market total up to at least ten million. If he had to touch every single one of them, wouldn’t he tire himself to death?

Besides, if he were to just look at the goods, he wouldn’t attract much attention. However, if he touches everything he catches his sight on, it probably won’t take long for the security enforcement team of the commercial city to think of him as a lunatic and drive him out of the city.

Wujin metal (乌金铁)
Should exist in real life and translation I found in Chinese dictionary is white metal, but it doesn’t makes sense. Literally, it means Black Gold.

1-mo craftsman (一抹匠人 yi mo jiang ren)
Truthfully, I am unable to find where this phrase came from, the usage of mo to classify craftsmen. Hoping that someone could enlighten me.

…an incense time (一炷香 yi zhu xiang)
Time used to be measured in terms of the time taken for an incense stick to burn out. Anyway, in modern time, it refers to ~15 minute.

Following the raws, I will use commercial city instead of commercial district (especially since they term the markets as ‘city’)

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