Heaven’s Shadow


Heaven’s Shadow/ 天影 (Tian Ying)
Author: 萧鼎 (Xiao Ding)/ Desolate Cauldron
Raws: http://book.qidian.com/info/1003723851
Current Chapter: 302 (Still in progress)


The world is split into Yin and Yang and is made up by the 5 elements.
On the ancient divine center continent under the heavens, it is currently the prosperous era of the cultivators where billions of lives thrive.
In the far-reaching lands, there are always happiness and sadness, reunion and separation of the mortal world happening in the long lives of those walking the path of the immortals.
The light is always accompanied by darkness. Under the radiance of the heavens, there are silent shadows moving about…

Translator Synopsis:
(Contains spoiler)
Recommended to not read it (It is more interesting to piece the story together)

With the identity of Hei Lang, Lu Chen infiltrates the Three Realm Divine Cult to thwart their plans.
However, in the midst of doing so, he was cursed by a Barbarian Fire Shaman to suffer for all eternity under the incineration of black flames.
After the incident, Lu Chen went into hiding in a remote village known as the Clear Stream Village.
However, under the plague of the Curse of Black Flames and the pursuit of the remnants of the Three Realm Divine Cult, will Lu Chen manage to live a peaceful life?

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The Dreamlike Melody (如梦令) (First Arc)
Chapter 1 – Mist Barren Lost Valley
Chapter 2 – Blood-colored Acacia
Chapter 3 – Fire Shaman
Chapter 4 – Loyal Disciple
Chapter 5 – Curse of Black Flames
Chapter 6 – Incinerated by Black Flames
Chapter 7 – Dreamlike Moment
Chapter 8 – Clear Stream Village
Chapter 9 – Old Tavern Friend
Chapter 10 – Remnants of the Divine Cult
Chapter 11 – Peach Blossom Beauty
Chapter 12 – Reappearance of the Black Flames
Chapter 13 – The Mysterious Hollow
Chapter 14 – Fleeting Past
Chapter 15 – Carefree Gentleman
Chapter 16 – A Drawing on the Tree Root
Chapter 17 – Visitor at the Back Mountain
Chapter 18 – Night on the Surface of the Lake
Chapter 19 – Saving a Life
Chapter 20 – The Mysterious Fish in the Dragon Lake
Chapter 21 – Disciple of a Reputable Sect
Chapter 22 – Mourning Ghost Chasm
Chapter 23 – Mysterious Net Capturing Swallows
Chapter 24 – Danger by the Cliff
Chapter 25 – Good Man Bad Man
Chapter 26 – River Jade
Chapter 27 – Dilemma of Worldly Desires
Chapter 28 – The Five Element Divine Compass
Chapter 29 – Bidding Farewell
Chapter 30 – Plague of the Vile Curse
Chapter 31 – Life-Changing Encounter
Chapter 32 – Burning Bridges
Chapter 33 – Rebirth of the Black Flames
Chapter 34 – Means of the Demonic Cult
Chapter 35 – Summer on the Mountains
Chapter 36 – Dragon Lake of the Tea Mountain
Chapter 37 – A Thorough Investigation
Chapter 38 – Looming Darkness
Chapter 39 – Complicated and Confusing
Chapter 40 – Descend of the Dark Night
Chapter 41 – Black Flames of the Dead
Chapter 42 – Sour Rabbit Meat
Chapter 43 – Shadow in the Middle of the Night
Chapter 44 – Overlapping Phantoms
Chapter 45 – Torch in the Day
Chapter 46 – Fish on the Hook
Chapter 47 – Whose Feelings are Deeper
Chapter 48 – Fate of the Couple
Chapter 49 – Who Cares
The Dreamlike Melody: End (如梦令完) (End of First Arc)
The Adventures of the Youth
Chapter 50 –

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    1. It’s tled and edited til 52 alr, but need to see when Qidian wants to release it :X I’ll be asking them on it, but they might probably want a bit more stockpile to ensure steady releases


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