Heaven’s Shadow Glossary

Cultivation Terms

Qihai (气海)
-Refers to the spirit sea within one’s body (Probably the source of one’s spirit energy etc.

Five Elements Divine Compass (五行神盘)
-There are Five Elements Divine Pillars (五行神柱) on it as well. They are indicative of whether a person is capable of cultivating as well as their talent. The pillars present in the compass indicates the element one is capable of using.

-Refers to the mystical arts of cultivators

Qinchuan Disciple (亲传弟子)
Refers to a disciple in the sect who would learn from one of the higher tiers directly due to their overwhelming talent. Unlike other disciples, who probably only has access to ‘public and basic skills’, they would tend to be privy to the secret arts within the sect (Often depending on their own master) 

Jinshui Lingmai (金水灵脉)
-Metal water bloodline, refers to someone who possesses both the water divine pillar and metal divine pillar, thus capable of utilising both elements.

Stages in Cultivation

Lianqi Stage
-The fundamental stage of one’s cultivation
-Literally translate as ‘Breath Forging Stage’.


Immortal Alliance
-The alliance of the orthodox sects.
-Has five Zhenjuns
Zhenjun is a title given to daoist who are well-respected. In this case though, it is an official title and position. A founder of a certain Daoist religion has named the 12 core members under him as Zhenjun.
-Fleeting Cloud Division (led by Tianlan Zhenjun)

Thousand Autumn Doors
-A new sect accepted into the Immortal Alliance. The dominant power in the area around the Clear Stream Village.

Kunlun Sect
-A long-standing sect whose history is longer than the Immortal Alliance
-Extremely particular about formalities and basic virtues
-Members: Hong Chuan

Three Realm Divine Cult
-Believes in the presence of three realms, the Heavenly Realm, Mortal Realm and the Lower Realm. They believe that the descend of a God will unite the three realms. Considered as demon cult by many.
-Lu Chen once infiltrated the cult under the alias of Hei Lang and killed three of their elders as well as a Barbarian Fire Shaman.


-A phrase to address a gentleman in ancient times, similar to the -san -chan of the Japanese. One is addressed as ___ (name) gongzi. Normally used for scholarly people.

Qin qi shu hua (琴棋书画)
Zither, chess, calligraphy and painting.
This is known as the four greatest art an academic must be skilled in. It is indicative of a person’s upbringing (People who are skilled in these are said to be more cultured)
The chess in it refers to both Chinese Chess and Go (also known as Wei Qi in Chinese)