Glossary 2

Glossary 2 is aimed at Chapter 71 and further on.

Mist Country (Former)/ East Communal Mist Country
【Roland Mist】
Race Talent: War Angel Form, Sinful Devil God Form, Sword of Order, Titan Body
LV21 Order Knight/LV21 Chaos Witch King
Titan Body (Diamond-class Race Talent)
Sword of Order (Diamond-class Race Talent)
-Equipped with Time Distortion Ring (Real body: 14 years old)
-Frozen Air
-Aura of Plague
-Star of Misfortune Aura (Upgrade of the Aura of Plague)
-Pale Justice (Transmogrification by Harloys, the true weapon cannot be retrieved for various reasons)
Karwenz Mist
-Reached double Legend by 12 (As a Warrior and Mage)
-Prince of the Chaos Abyss
-Knight Princess of East Mist Communal Country, successor of Mist Country
(Pronounced as Lei Ni)
Wood Elf Kelly (Kelablian)
-Mentor for the Mist Royalty for more than 500 years
-Was the tutor for Karwenz and Roland
Soldier Types:
Aurora Knight
-A tier 4 (Gold-rank) soldier type
-Contracted with Frigid Nightmare (An apparition soul-like being)

Absolute Gentlemen Alliance
Mercenary Band created by Roland at Vance
Roland Mist/ Rolande (False identity)
Harloys (Main Body of Greed)
Diana.Syfan (Moonlight Ritual)

Krose (+2 Flower Guardians)
-The Man who Single-handedly Created Multiple Races’
-Job: Beast Tamer (兽王猎人)
Prince Clint
Centaur Casio
Rosemary/ Carlohin

Siren Tracy
Alchemist Olivia
-Miraculous Alchemist
Timmy Lade
-Master of Magic Engineering

Additional Members of Surface Traveling Party

Auland Empire (Capital: Kagersi City) (奥兰帝国)
A young Empire with 800 years of history but has the potential to develop into a superpower of the Human Society
Military Power
-Cassomes, Flagship of the Air Fleet
-Marlot Horses (马洛特种战马)
-Missilor Mythril (Smithing Method) (米西洛尔秘银合金)
-Missilor Savage Dragon Lance, Missilor Savage Javelin, Missilor Savage Sword (米西洛尔暴烈龙枪、暴烈投枪、暴击剑)
-White Wolf Guards (Tier-3, Silver) (白狼卫队)
Emperor Darsos.Menon
-New Emperor of Auland Empire, Husband of Moon Queen Victoria in history
-Nicknamed King of Winter Wolves
-Weapon: Demon Sword, The Scarlet Conqueror
-The private financial advisor of the Emperor and Head of Intelligence of Auland Empire, one of the most influential people in the Empire.
Prince Carlohin
-Nicknamed ‘Rain Swallow Sword’ (Swift Sword)
-From Flying Dragon Knight Order (苍龙骑士团)
-The Guardian Knight of Princess Reyne
Siren Tracy
-Member of the Fire Dragon Circus
Kathleen Solia

-Granddaughter of Kane.Solia (Owner of Pale Justice)
Celestial Tower (占星塔)
Lamos’s Eye
-Head of Auland Branch

-Sea Goddess/ Queen of the Storms Oswell
-Ancient Water Elemental Goddess Aylos
Demon Sharks
Sea Snake
Sea Giants

Beyer Empire (拜尔帝国)

Surface Beastman Tribe
-Behemoth War Beast (比蒙战争巨兽)

Ming United Kingdom (Chapter 75)
-Capital: Casilla City
-Laince Stronghold/Fort
East Communal Mist Country
-Potential subordinate state of Auland Empire
Astor Mountains (阿斯特山脉)
Solo Federation (索罗联邦)
-Giant Elephant Legion
-Their envoy team got assassinated by Darsos for interfering with the vie for the throne in Auland Empire.
Cazorla Kingdom (卡索拉王国)
-Sea God Brigade (海神卫队)

The Undead Faction
Banished to the Undead Dimensions (亡灵位面)/ Death Dimensions which are ruled by Undead Emperors.

Demon Archduke -> Demon Duke -> Demon Marquis -> Demon Count


Goddess of Creation Eich
Order Faction
The Gods of the Order Faction derive their power from the faith of the people. Worshippers of the Order Faction will rise up the will be guided by the Heavenly Pillar to the Heavenly Realm where they will serve as Devotees, praying to provide the power of faith to the Gods.

Goddess of Order Astrya
-Daughter of the Goddess of Creation
Goddess of Wealth Beyana
God of Death Ayer (艾耶)
-The King of the First Generation Humans who fell to become Devils
-Guardian of the River Styx
-One of the strongest Gods
God of Holy Light Karolan (卡罗兰)
“Any child of Order who worships the light has the authority to wield the Holy Light.”
-The strongest God
-A Conceptual existence
God of Law Wu Mian Zhe
-Obligation: Law/Justice/Fairness
-Derivative Obligations: God of Contract
-Lower-tier God
Goddess of Moonlight Patricia
-Obligation: Moonlight
God of Fate Cartiero (命运之神卡提罗)
-Cursed the Celestial Tower and its members to meet with bad luck
Sea God Osweyar
Chaos Faction
Souls who do not worship a God of Order will fall into the River Styx and throughout the journey, there’s a possibility that they may climb to shore. Depending on where they climbed up at, they would be turned into a Demon or Devil.
Goddess of Chaos Cynthia
-Daugher of the Goddess of Creation
Goddess of Dark Elf Lorci
Sea Goddess Oswell
-Also known as the Queen of the Storms
-Obligation: Storm, Tempest and Guardian God of the Seafolk

Ancient Elemental Gods
The Ancient Elemental Gods belong to the Chaos Faction. They rule over their Elemental Dimension and Elemental Lifeforms. 
Ancient Fire Elemental God Aroloweiss (Deceased)
Ancient Water Elemental God Aylos
-Wife of the legendary Sea God Sidunwar
Ancient Earth Elemental God
Ancient Wind Elemental God

Metal Dragons
Gold Dragons
Silver Dragons

Elemental Dragons

Red Dragon (Fire)
Blue Dragon
Black Dragon
White Dragon

Circle (环) – Measurement for the strength of the Magic
Divine Art (神术) – Used to refer to powers that borrow the strength of God (Priest, Priestesses etc)
Mystical Art -> Used to refer other spells e.g. Elemental Spells
Divination -> Art of foreseeing the future
7 Trials of Eich (艾希七浩劫)
-1st Trial: The Whisper of the Demons (恶魔的低语)
-2nd Trial: The Vulture of War (战争的秃鹫)
-3rd Trial: The Undead Calamity
-4th Trial: The Return of the Demons and Devils
Elemental Tide (元素潮汐): The effect of an increase in the amount of Element in the air. More will be explained in the future.
Divine Jobs: Refer to jobs that utilises God’s powers (E.g Holy Light, Power of Law)

Dimension Gate

Devil’s Contract
-Can be altered if one is knowledgeable about the Devil’s Language.
Magic Machinery Dragon (Made from a new study Magic Engineering)
-Tier 5 army (Legend-rank)

Because I didn’t standardise several phrases earlier, so some of them may not be very consistent as much as I want them to. So, if you find some things that are the exact same but I used different name for them in previous chapters, feel free to comment (with the chapter number) and I will review them 😀

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  1. Rather than ‘primitive’, ‘primordial’ or ‘primal’ would be a better choice of word in the Titan Body description, don’t you think?


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