Glossary 1

Mist Country (Former)
-Soul Imprints: Mark of Justice, The Crown of Undead, The Ice Treader, Son of Light
-Creator of Forbidden Spell Ice Aeon
-Responsible for the ‘Bloodshed of Baine’ which he invaded and slaughtered everyone in the Holy Church Headquarters to save Roland


Liu Huang Mountain City (硫磺山城)
The Three Heads(三巨头)

City Lord Adam Han (亚当.汉 )
-Legend-rank Weapon: Blessing of the Phoenix
-Soul Imprint: The Indestructible Phoenix
Ancient Red Dragon Ein Mezus (上古红龙艾因美修斯)
-Also known as Xiaohong
Great Saint Magaret Layde(大贤者玛格丽特.莱文)
-Chief of Internal Affairs of Liu Huang Mountain City
-Capable of summoning Star Spirits, Starfall and casting Forbidden Spell Ice Aeon
-Has 7 Saint Stones capable of casting spells in her place
-Soul Imprint: The Corridor of Time
Annie Layde (安妮.莱文)
-Adopted daughter of Adam
-New City Lord of Liu Huang Mountain City
-New Underground Autarch
-Half-Demon -> Demon Marquess (After consuming Arolaweiss)
-Head of Intelligence Organisation Onlooker
-Soul Imprint: The Marauder (Allows her to consume as Fire Element and absorb it as power)
Beifeng.Herault (埃罗.悲风)
-Beast Tamer (兽王猎人)
-Race: Dracon
Eaglestorm (风暴之鹰)
-Head of the Wild Bull Alliance (野牛盟)
-High Druid, able to transmogrify


Freedom Gentlemen Alliance (自由绅士联盟)
Core Members:

Gnome Jinya.Beyar (金牙.贝亚) Gnome Engineer (大地精工程师)
Gnome Yingou Beyar (银钩.贝亚) Gnome Alchemist (大炼金师)
Tauren Xueti (牛头人雪蹄/ Winter Hoofs) Warrior
Blood Tribe Lily Milan (血族莉莉丝.米兰) Assassin
Roland Mist


Town Order Security Army/ Town Security (城市治安管理部队/城管)
Diana.Syfan (戴安娜.斯芬克) (Captain)
-Epic Hero of the Moon (In ‘history’)
-Moon Knight
Victoria.Syfan (维多利亚.斯芬克) (Brother of Diana Syfan, also known as Vicadore Syfan)
-Moon Queen (In ‘history’)
Yawen (雅雯) (Vice-Captain)
Momo (莫莫) (Member)


Undeads of Red Hunting Hounds (赤红猎犬)
Bastian (贝斯特) (Demonic Spatial Hellhound)
-Leader of the Red Hunting Hounds
-Nicknamed Ah Bas/ Xiao Bas
-Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins
Great Sword Saint Fayde (大剑圣费迪)
-Head Instructor of Red Hunting Hounds
Camisia (卡米西亚)
-Vice-Captain of Red Hunting Hounds
Mistress of Plagues Kaka (瘟疫暴君卡卡)


Undeads Seven Deadly Sins
Wrath: Bastian
-Able to summon 2 gates, 1 bring to back the dead and 1 to kill enemies
-Grows bigger the more angry he gets
Gluttony: Ah Dang
-Able to consume anything to strengthen himself
Greed: Harloys
-Able to transmogrify
-Can summon slimes for multiple purposes

Xiluo Empire
Capital: Xiluo
4 Heavenly Kings/ Royalty Faction (王权派)
Bone Dragon Queen Gray.Sin (Gria) (4th Senator)
Spider Marquis Lionheart (7th Senator)
Ghoul King Decars
The Abomination Ah Dang (12th Senator)
Other Senators
Demonic Bone Beast Crimspur (6th Senator) (“骨之恶兽”克林斯普)
Ant King of Corrosion Lamost (10th Senator) (“腐朽蚁王”拉姆斯登)
-Soul World: The Corroded Plains of Ants
The Great Mathematician Penny.Horst (11th Senator) (“大计算者”潘妮.霍尔)
Queen of Banshees Harloys (3rd Senator) (海洛伊丝)
-Known as ‘The Omniscient One’
-The Queen of an Ancient Elf Kingdom in the past.
-Murdered Great Saint Cecily
Ancient Bone Dragon Gricasio (1st Senator)
-Once a mount for the God of Holy Light
Council of Dark Night
Head of Council Feyman (2nd Senator)
Note: Undead Emperors are SemiGod while Undead Lords (The Senators are Undead Lords) are Myth


The Courts:
Hierarchy of the Courts: (Lowest -> Highest)
Town Security -> Subordinate Court -> Supreme Court
The 4 Halls 1 Court
Wumianzhe (无眠者/The Indefatigable One)
-Head of Supreme Court, The Supreme Judge:
Tauren Xueti.Edta
-Head of Hall of Prosecution
-Soul Imprint: Steel Heart
-Nicknamed Guardian of Steel
-Successor as the Supreme Judge
Blood Tribe Lily Milan
-Head of Hall of Legislation
High Elf Kale.Diya
-Head of Hall of Law
-Saint Rank, Soul World: Court of Stars
Holy Knight Kelvin
-Head of Hall of Judgement
-Supreme Judge of Chrome City
Other Members of the Judiciary
Krose.Ainta (科罗斯.艾因坦)
-First-class Defense Attorney
-Equipped with Edward’s Belt/ Belt of Edwina (埃德温的腰带/艾德温娜的腰带)
Roren.Jinbi (罗维.金币)
Miheuer Magicstorm (米尔豪斯.法力风暴)
Jobs of the Judicial System
Knight of Justice (公正骑士),
Judgementor (审判者)
Law Incantationer(法咒使)
Incantation of Law (法咒术)
God Equipment of the Power of Law
【God Equipment: Origin of Codex】
【Faith In Law: /99999 (The belief from 1000 people in a week allows it to increase by 1 point every week, and the cap is 50 points every month. When the points reach the maximum, it will automatically replicate a SemiGod Equipment, Scattered Page of Codex.】
【Effect 1: The Land of Law (Passive): In the heart of the city where it is placed, the entire city will become a Land of Law and in the area where its effect is active, Enforcers can wield the Power of Law.】
【Effect 2: Great Judgement (Active): Requires 100 Faith in Law to activate, and consumes 1 point every minute after activation. After the user activates it, everyone in the city will be cast with a Legend-rank level Judgement Spell and be judged on their actions in the last 3 hours. If guilty, their freedom will be restricted and debuffs such as intangible cuffs and weapon seal will be inflicted on them. In the Great Judgement, the effects of the enforcer’s Incantation of Law will be multiplied several folds and their power ranking will be increased by 1. (The requirements for usage: The laws in the city are in chaos, criminals are doing as they please and the city is on the verge of destruction)】
【Effect 3: All is Equal in the Face of Law: Demarcate a zone and lower the rank and stats of people within the zone to be of the equal level as the user. Duration: 10 seconds. Requires 1 Faith in Law to activate.】
【Effect 4: Sinners will be Judged (Active): Activate Great Judgement towards a single target, cleansing him of all his sins through the judgement. Requirement: The target must be willing to undergo judgement.】
Power of Law (律法之力): The conceptualization of law as a magic power


Holy Church
Holy Knights (圣光骑士)
Cardinals (红衣大主教)
Monks (苦修者)
Holy Light (圣光)
Archbishop (大主教)


Auland Capital

Creus Elf Kingdom

Chaos Faction
Soul Eater Kakajil
-Demon Count
-Manipulating the Beastman Sovereign Shou.Nuya from the back.


Goddess of Chaos Cynthia (混沌女神辛西亚)
Goddess of Order Astrya (秩序女神阿斯忒瑞亚)
-Souls that die believing in Order will be guided by the Heavenly Pillar to the Heavenly Realm
-Souls will then serve as a Devoter, God Envoy or God Attendant
-War Angel (战天使)
God of Death Ayer (死神艾耶)
-The first natural-born undead (最初的亡灵)
-King of Mountainous Human Tribe
Spider Queen Goddess of Dark Elf Lorci (罗丝)
God of Dragon Bahamut (龙神巴哈姆特)
Ancient Fire Elemental God Arolaweiss
-Devoured by Elisa
Gods that are born of faith has a Concept of Existence (存在概念) and all Order Gods have an Obligation (神职)

Gods Tier
Goddess of Order > Main God > Normal God
Goddess of Chaos > Demon Prince (and other Main Gods) > Normal God


The Underground Alliance
Alliance Headquarter: Velkastance City/ Vance
The Four Underground Autarch:

The Dragon Empress Molly (龙后莫丽尔)
-SemiGod, Ancient Red Dragon
-Turned into a Chaos Demon Dragon by Kakajil
-Place took over by Einz Mezus (Xiao Hong)
High Priestess of Lorci, Supreme Leader of Dark Elf Kajah.Roshe (最高祭祀卡娅.罗丝)
-Saint-rank, Dead
-Killed by Harloys to claim her body
-Has the blood of Goddess Lorci flowing in her body
Black Mage Ainsterna Eduar (爱斯特纳.艾鲁尔)
-Weakest of the Underground Autarchs
Beastman Sovereign Shou.Nuya (涛.怒牙)
-Goal: To return to Blanluya Plains.
-Scorpion-tailed Lion
-Saint Pinnacle
-Place took over by Centaur Anya
Underground City Lord Hng Hng
-Pig Beastman
Prince Clint of Iron City (格林, 黑铁城王子)
-Wears a birdhead helmet on top


Centaur Beastman
Homeland: Camule Grasslands (卡姆草原) -> Later moved to Vance
The Mage Hunter Minial (魔猎手米孽)
-Head of the Centaur
-Magic Combustion Arrow/ Magic Penetrating Cluster Arrow
Centaur Anya (半人马安利雅)
-Successor of the Centaur Head
-New Chieftain of the Centaur Tribe and Underground Autarch


Power Ranking: (Weakest -> Strongest)
Iron Bloodline (黑铁血脉) -> Bronze Body (青铜之躯) -> Silver Dignity (白银威严) -> Golden Will  (黄金意志) -> Respected Legend (传奇尊者) -> World Saint (人间圣者) -> Immortal Myth (不朽史诗) -> Indestructible SemiGod (不灭半神)

Power Ranking: (For Dragons, Weakest -> Strongest)
Young Dragon -> Elder Dragon -> Ancient Dragon -> Immemorial Dragon
<There will be a chapter very further on which writes clearly the power ranking of dragons>

Power Ranking: (For Weapons, Weakest -> Strongest)
Normal(普通) -> Superior(优秀) -> Elite(精良) -> Epic(史诗) -> Legend(传奇) -> SemiGod(亚神器) -> God(神器)


Magic/ Skills:
Slippery Oil Magic (油腻术) (Chp 3)
Art of Truth.Incapacitate (真言术.定) (Initial appearance on Chp 4)
Incantation of Law:Silence (法咒:肃静) (Initial appearance of Chp 5)
Incantation of Law: Judgement (法咒:判罪) (Initial appearance on Chp 24)
Incantation of Law: Proof of Crime Lock On, Equipment Strip! (法咒:罪证锁定,武装剥夺!)
Incantation of Law: Restriction of Freedom! (法咒:限制人身自由)
Sin-Splitting Strike (斩罪击)
Extreme Magic: Soaring Spell (超魔.悬浮术!)
Floating Spell (漂浮术)


Etc. Terminology:
Soul Imprint (灵魂徽记): Mark of a Legend-rank
Soul World: Mark of a Saint-rank, ability to warp the reality of the world.
Order (秩序) Chaos (混沌): The two primary factions of the world of Eich
Scepter of Yongye: The inheritance left behind by Undead Emperor Yongye
Seven Catastrophe of Hell (七次炼狱浩劫)
Soulfire -> The fire in the eyes of a Lich

Only information until Chapter 71 will appear in this glossary. Feel free to comment if something is missing/ you want something to be added in it

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