DTXT Chapter 1: Transcend

Dao Tian Xian Tu
Author: 荆柯守 (Jing Ke Shou)

Earth Immortals are cultivated from a blessed land,
Heaven Immortals move to and fro from the divine mountains.
I have a stalk of plum blossom, and I shall maraud the Will of the Heavens with it!

TL: Divine Mountains (洞天 dongtian)
Refers to the cave that an immortal reside in within the divine mountains.

Earth Immortals (地仙 dixian) and Heaven Immortals (天仙 tianxian) are actually different tiers of immortals.
In Chinese myth, there are 5 tiers of Immortals.
guixian 鬼仙、renxian 人仙、dixian 地仙、shenxian 神仙、tianxian 天仙
Spirit Immortal, Human Immortal, Earth Immortal, Deity Immortal, Heaven Immortal
(Weakest <——-> Strongest)

Note: This is based on my own personal interpretation of the English translation so the translations may not be exactly accurate, especially when it involves folklore and specific terms of it (Will leave a note especially if it is so)

Chapter 1: Transcending

Woniu Village.

The night is silent. The moonlight shines through the cracks between the branches and the leaves and scatter on the floor.

A fence is built in the surroundings, and spiked trees and mud walls form the basic protection layer of the village. Standing on the sentry platform, Zhang Da Shan is dressed in thin clothing and a short bow slings behind his back.

Despite the onset of spring, the chill in the air still permeates one’s bones. At this instant, Zhang Da Shan gazes at the heavens, “Judging from the situation, there will be no rain tomorrow. What can I do with the crops?”

“Furthermore, a few days ago, the Black Wind Bandits had demanded for rations from the village.” At this point, a panicked expression reveals on Zhang Da Shan’s face.

In this rain-less spring, the crops are all on the verge of dying. Yet, the Black Wind Bandits still wanted to extort from them, how can they overcome this crisis?

Just as Zhang Da Shan is panicking, he suddenly jolts and retrieves his short bow from his back. Focusing on his ears, alarm appears in his eyes.

A split instant later, the sounds of the galloping of a horse sound from afar.

Taking a closer look, he gasps in shock and his heart beats furiously. Without any hesitation, he strikes the broken bell hanging on the sentry platform.

“Trouble, trouble! The bandits from Black Wind Ridge is approaching the village!”

This bell resounds all of a sudden and breaks the tranquility of the village. It is as though a bowl of water is thrown into a pot of sizzling oil, chaotic cluttering of footsteps immediately resound across the village and the lamps throughout the village light up as the villagers jolt into action.

The news of the arrival of the bandit has traveled to every single corner of the village. The elderly, weak, pregnant and children of the village panicked. They had just given rations to these bandits a few weeks ago, yet they are here again. A few middle-aged females curse under their breath as they quickly run about informing others of the news.

“Hide the money and woman!”

The ladies are anxiously packing their homes and hiding their sons and daughters. On the other hand, all able young men are gathering at the entrance of the village with a machete in their hands each.

Other than the ordinary villagers, there are few others who head towards the village entrance under the leadership of the village head. Every single one of them are powerfully built, and equipped in their hands are not machetes but bows and arrows.

“Village head, over there!” Zhang Da Shan points. Numerous gazes shoot over and a couple of bandits beyond the walls can be seen approaching slowly with laughter and chatter amidst them.

The distance gradually closes in, and it is verified under the shine of the torch that they are the bandits of Black Wind Ridge. These bandits are fond of dressing in black, and a lone wolf is stitched on their clothes, allowing the others to identify them swiftly.

A middle-aged man is among the bandits. The two bandits around him seem to be particularly respectful to him. His face is slim and he is dressed completely in black. Despite the laughter from his mouth, his eyes carry a cold glint under the illumination of the torch, reminiscent of knives, as though it would cut a lump of flesh from whoever who dared to look into it.

“Hahaha, third brother, we have been living up in the mountains for a long time. We haven’t been to this Woniu Village much this year. Seeing it today, it does seem to be quite wealthy!”

The one speaking is a burly man. He uses a cold gaze to survey those villagers who are climbing up the mud walls after jolting back to reality. “Look, they were able to build a sentry platform and mud walls. Looks like we should claim a little more ration from them every year. Those that were given as tribute last year were far from enough!”

Despite there are only three of them, the entire village is stirred up so anxiously as though they are facing an entire army.

“Is there anyone who isn’t here yet?” The village head frowns as he scans the surroundings. Fighting them or not is one thing, but having all grown males to step forth to face the bandits is another.

“They are all here, other than the lad of the Pei family widow. He is an academic, and he is still ill on bed.”

At this moment, beneath the mud wall, the middle-aged bandit runs forward without fear and laughs heartily

A racket breaks out in the midst of complete darkness. People are running about like wild boars, bumping into one another. Slowly, the noises becomes more distinct and an exclamation can be vaguely made out, “The bandits are here, the bandits are here!”

“Everyone in the village, hear my words! Hand over this year’s money, rations and all beautiful women in the village!”

“We just paid the taxes, how can be possibly still have money. I’m begging you all…”

“Cut the crap. You all can choose to pay the money and hand over the people, shoot us to death, or see whether we, the Black Wind Bandits, are capable of trampling over you all to kill everyone in the village!”

What is that sound?

The youth gradually opens his eyes. Under the dim illumination from the sky, he sees a pillar made of ancient mud bricks hanging above him. Swiftly surveying his surroundings, he notices that the windows are made up of paper paste, and there are a few cracks in the earthen walls. Grass are stuffed into them so as to block out the cold wind from leaking into the house. For there to be such a village in poverty even now, he starts to question his own location.

At this point, wave after wave of soreness assaults his forehead and his head goes blank… This is even worse than getting drunk. The pain extends even into the soul and the entire world seems to be torn apart and mended at the same time. Cold sweat drips profusely from his forehead as he gasps for breath. All that he could hear now is the unceasing voices from beyond the house.

“Stop fighting, stop fighting. There are more than a hundred people to the Black Wind Bandits, so just hand her over. Village head, she is just an orphan anyway!”

“Sigh, I am ashamed to meet her parents…”

The racket outside continues, and a certain sensation seems to stimulate the youth’s survival instincts. He leaps out of bed in an ungraceful manner. After gaining control of his body once again after a long period of illness, he finds himself wearing small qiancengdi cloth sandals, as well as a thin and dull robe. The material feels rough at touch, and based on the stitching, it seems to be handmade…

How can it be described?

It feels like a Han clothing with numerous other aspects incorporated from the other tribes, turning it into a foreign variant, reminiscent of a drama costume.The clothes are washed very cleanly. Somehow, he is unable to shake away that bizarre feeling of incongruity.
TL: Referring to Han dynasty, the clothes worn in that era

At this point, he feels a stabbing pain in between his brows, as though something is emerging from it. At the same time, the clamor outside has still yet to cease.

“Su guniang, open up quickly! Open up!”
Guniang -> Lady, it is a polite way or addressing any young ladies 

“Su San! You will have to open this door today whether you like it or not. That lad Pei Zi Yun next door is ill, and is unable to protect you…”

The din gradually makes its way to the house beside. Many people are speaking simultaneously and their words have the accent of a South-westerner. Yet, somehow, this youth is able to instinctively understand those words. Figures appear to and fro of the door and based on the footsteps, he estimates there to be twenty to thirty people outside. Frowning, he mutters, “… Filming a movie?”

Before he can make out the current situation, he hears someone knocking on the door. The youth walks over to open it. In an instant, he feels as though his body has recovered, and the senses from his four limbs transmit a liveliness that he had never experienced before, as though he is capable of harnessing great might with every action of his. However, what that is the most bizarre to him is that his sight is clear… As though a fogged up spectacles was just taken off in a world of rain.

Thinking about all these, the youth lowers his head to look at the sandals he is wearing once again… The feet in the sandals are white and smooth. This aren’t his legs, and they seem to be the feet of a female.

“The heck…”

Subconsciously reaching out to feel his chest, he heaves a sigh of relief. Then, a bewildered expression appears on his face. This is the body of a male youth, and it is slightly stronger than his. The callouses from his hands means that this body has probably been through farm work, or held a sword… After freezing for a few seconds, his gaze sweeps across a pile of firewood. There is a machete stabbed on top of the firewood and its blade is gleaming in sharpness.


Pushing the door open, he can vaguely see a mountain in the distance. This is a small village built by a slope. Villagers are running about everywhere, but most of them are gathered at the house beside his as they try to convince a female to come out, but to no avail.

Numerous middle-aged woman tries to convince her, “Ye Su-er, you will live a life of luxury at the Black Wind Ridge, so fear not.”

“Why is there no sound?”

“Let’s cut the crap with her. Since the Ye girl doesn’t appreciate our kindness, is an outsider and none of her family members remain, let’s just bash the door open and tie her up!”

“Yo, she is holding a scissors inside!”

“Shh, lower down your volume. Don’t let that lad next door hear you. He has some feelings with this Ye Su-er. It is possible for him do anything, especially when his brain is heated. After all, he is an academic!”

“Did I transcend?” A small worm falls between the bamboo leaves and crawls on the face of the human-shaped statue youth, paying no particular heed to the fact that he is a living being. His brain is currently bursting with the sudden turn of events.

At this moment, it seems that the chatter of the crowd has frightened the girl next door. Weeping, her voice is very gentle, but contains a familiar quality to it. It circumvents the crowd and the bamboos and echoes clearly into the ears of the youth, “Yun gege…”
Gege -> Elder brother (Not necessarily blood-related)

That voice seems to be the key to the memory trove of the original owner of the body.


“I shall make my wish —— Protect my loved ones and exact vengeance on those who marauded everything from me. Return the peacefulness to this chaotic era of cultivators…” A faraway voice sounds by his ear. “The one who bears the same name who will be inheriting everything of mine, the System in your mind is very interesting. If you wish to obtain my plum blossom, you have to complete my missions!”


A surge of stabbing pain gushes between his brows and his breathing ceases. The glow of the moonlight illuminates beyond the bamboo leaves and shines onto the forehead of the youth. Suddenly, a transparent apparition of a plum blossom appears at the location of the pain, and a petal of it flashes in and out of existence, as though it will trespass into reality.

“No!” Memories. Familiar yet foreign. Countless of it surges towards him, until they converge into a path of crimson light.

Trembling, the youth subconsciously caresses his neck before sinking back into the world of memories.

That is a very long dream, the life of a human.

Just like him, he is called Pei Zi Yun.

This is a world where daofa exists. The original owner of the body is born with a spirit treasure, but due to his foolishness, weakness and forlorn love, he wasted five entire five years of his life. After getting into a sect with much difficulty, he was betrayed by the eldest senior that he respected… Countless memories continues to surge in.
Daofa -> Mystical arts of daoism

“Innate spirit treasure? Even though the cheat has been stolen, the root of it still remains? A wish to be reborn? So, I answered his wish and returned back to his body around a dozen of years back?”

“The reversal of time!”

His body is sore and excruciating pain penetrates his head, as though it will rip apart at any moment… Countless memories reconstruct themselves and form a soul. All kinds of emotions surge into it. There is love, hatred, despair and expectation.

Ye Su-er appears before him.

“It has all been jolted awake by Ye Su-er?”

The original owner is childhood friends with Ye Su-er… After being separated for numerous years, they met again in the strict cultivator sect. Neither of them could forget one another. The youth trembles in fear as he accepts these feelings fearfully… Her past, her body and her soul.

As the memories continue surging it, it stills at his moment of death. The plum blossom and stem connects and blooms before him and his mortal enemy. A strike of lightning flashes across and everything turns into nothingness. He… No, the original owner made a wish.


Suddenly, a small white plum blossom appears before him and enlarges rapidly, turning into a semi-transparent information interface. With a faint glow, it floats within his vision and the data appears right before him.

Name: Pei Zi Yun

Authority: None (Parasitic)

Race: Human

Job: Academic

The youth looks at his skill. It is blurred out but as he focuses his sight, it gradually becomes clearer. There are two grayish-white symbols, a book and a sword.

The moment the symbol appears, a line of words floats into his mind.

“Four Books and Five Classics: Rookie (Initiate)”

“Songfeng Swordsmanship: Rookie (Initiate)”

After which, a line of red words appear on the information interface, “Mission: Save Ye Su-er.”

The transparent apparition of plum blossom on the glabella of the young man remains stationary. In the moment when the ray of moonlight shifts between the cracks of the bamboo leaves, the plum blossom disappears, as though it has never existed.

Still thinking of a name for it. I was thinking of going with ‘Path to Immortality: Marauding the Heavens’ but it is too long. Whatever, I will keep it in its hanyupinyin.

Woniu Village literally means Crouching Cow Village.

Four Books and Five Classics
It refers to the classical works of Confucianism. If you wish to read up about it, here is the link.

qiancengdi cloth sandals
It is a method of stitching which makes the stitches neatly appear at the soles of the feet. It looks something like this


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      Yeah, the first portion is in the villager’s perspective.

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