RDE Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan


Title: 人皇 The Records of the Human Emperor
Author: 皇甫奇 (Huangfu Qi)

Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan


Alright, I’m being serious now. I want to look for someone who is able to make a website for me. WordPress is getting way too lag.
What I want:
-A Table of Contents that uploads by itself
-Automated Next Chapter|Table of Contents|Previous Chapter button
-Categories and Tags are automatically made
-Slug don’t need to be edited
-I don’t have to tick the allow comments button everytime (But I can choose to untick it)
<Yepp, that’s all I want for now>
If anyone is able to do it, can you PM me?
Or else, if you can guide me along, that would be great as well.

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3 Responses to RDE Chapter 22: Cousin Zhu Yan

  1. novi says:

    im personaly very like simple call like older/younger uncle, than piyin.
    i dont give a damn about detail of family tree, just to know that he/she part of family is enough.
    please do so (the simple calling thing)


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