King of Eternal Night

Initially, I had done this chapter and PM-ed the previous translator, puttty, whether he/she was still going to do this series. After all, it had been three months then. Eventually, she said that she is going to keep the project, even though she is busy now. Thus, I’ve been withholding release but if I’m not wrong, another group had beaten me to it. It doesn’t really matter to me though since I have several projects on hand and I have taken up The Human Emperor.

However, I thought it would be a pity to let my effort go to waste, so I’m just going to put this at the teaser section.
Just reiterating, I won’t be doing this project and if I’m not wrong, someone has taken it up. I’m posting it for my own self-satisfaction.


Title: King of Eternal Night (永夜君王)
Author: 烟雨江南

Qianye rises from hardship and falls in betrayal.
From then on, as an individual accompanied with a single gun, he treads between the boundaries of twilight and eternal night, creating a legend of his own.
If the eternal night is where his fate lies, then he wants to be a sovereign that rules over all.

Chapter 1: The Blood-colored Night

The twilight sky often loomed over Eternal Night Continent, especially during the dark season. The orbital path of the upper continent often blocked the sunlight and there were only several short hours of light every day.

The Alpha Star of the Gemini constellation was orbiting near the continent, making today a rare night with moonlight.

A massive full moon covered nearly half of the sky, inducing in one the sensation as though it would fall on one’s head at the next moment. Even ordinary humans devoid of any abilities were able to clearly see the large craters and majestic mountains on the surface of the moon.

However, those who were still awake felt apprehensive and fearful.

The moon was crimson-red and its radiance scattered from the sky onto the earth as though a thin layer of fabric, creeping across the rugged land reminiscent of a living being. Slowly, it dyed the black silhouettes of the horizon deep red, as though a massive scar or laceration. From time to time, the cold gleam of metal would shine from it.

In the distance, the howling of the wolves and the roaring of unknown beasts echoed in the air, carrying along with it an aggressive scent.

In the legends of the Eternal Night Continent, a Blood Moon was an inauspicious sign. It was a rare sight, but its appearance represented the descent of chaos and pain. Whenever the moonlight was dyed by the color of blood, the sovereigns of the Dark World will open the Doors of Calamity and bring savagery and catastrophes to the world.

There was a basis for this legend. Under the blood-colored moon, all lifeforms will turn bloodthirsty and aggressive.

A black dot suddenly appeared in the midst of the blood sky. Coming from far away, it gradually traversed across the sky, growing bigger and bigger. It was actually a gigantic airship lengthed several thousands of meters long!

It was already incredibly tattered and the giant balloon floating it was filled with holes. The metal parts were rusty and many of the joints that connected the ship together as one were protruding outwards, causing one to worry whether it would break apart suddenly.

As though validating the worries of the people, the airship suddenly tremored for a few moments and quite a few spare parts fell from the sky, including a ten-meter long massive metal part.

The metal part fell onto the earth, creating a series of clamoring ruckus.

The airship struggled in difficulty for a few moment. The metal pipes on its exterior quivered and a large congregation of steam spouted forth from the back of the ship. Creaky noises could be heard from the eight propellers at the back of the ship as they furiously spun to stabilize the body of the ship.

Several dozens of thick cables hung messily at the bottom of the flying ship, carrying a massive cargo that was equally rusty as the ship itself. Through the cargo doors that weren’t shut tightly, it could be seen that the interior of the ship was filled with rubbish.

The rusty and old airship descended downwards as though a gigantic beast meeting its end. After inching in difficulty to the end of its journey, it had finally reached its final destination. Hundreds of meters beneath the ship was a vast graveyard for airships!

At this moment, there were tens of thousands of people dashing forward from their hiding spots. They had already dumped the fear they felt from the Blood Moon to the back of their mind. Instead, they were waving to the airship with all of their might as they cheered excitedly!

Even in this great land abandoned by the Empire, they were the lowest ants of this entire world. Everyday, they struggled just to survive until tomorrow.

This was the burial grounds for those massive beings that had once enjoyed their fair share of glory. The scrapped airships of the upper continent would always bring along with it large amounts of rubbish and as time went by, this place became a junkyard filled with all kinds of things. Those who live in this airship graveyard depended on the rubbish abandoned by the upper continent for survival.

If the presence of airships that delivered the rubbish here was absent for extended periods of time, many people here would die of starvation. To them, the trash of the upper continent was their hope for tomorrow.

As for tomorrow… Tomorrow was too much of a luxury for them to think about, no one would think of tomorrow.

After confirming its coordinates, the floating ship groaned painfully as its propellers gradually came to a stop one after another. The massive body of the airship jolted and undulated up and down for a moment before its front left exterior ripped apart and a small airship escaped from within.

The exteriors of the small airship looked much cleaner. After soaring around the junkyard for a moment, it turned its back on it and ascended upwards, towards the heavens.

On the other hand, the floating airship in the air lost the force holding it up. After a few moment of tremoring, it suddenly slanted and slowly fell towards the ground.

Its rate of descent grew faster and faster. Eventually, it collided with the earth and amidst a loud explosion, its body shattered into splinters. Scrap metal and spare parts of the airship flew all around the place and trash rained down from the skies of the airship graveyard

Frenzied cheers!

The residents swiftly dashed to where the airship fell and there were even some who ran on all fours, as though a wild beast.

Giant metal parts fell onto the earth from time to time. Unfortunate ones who failed to dodge in time were instantly crushed into meat paste by the spare parts that weighed several tons. Yet, their peers beside them were totally oblivious to the danger and continued to dash forward with all their might. The only thought that conquered their mind was to reach the cargo first so as to vie for the trash in it.

There were males and females amidst the crowd, as well as elderly and children. However, age and gender were meaningless concepts here. Everyone was classified by their physique and their strength, and this was the only factor they took into account in splitting the turfs of the graveyard.

Those who were able to charge to the remnants of the airship firsthand were the bulkiest and strongest men on the entire graveyard. Slightly behind them were the weaker men and the powerful women, followed by the weaker women and on the outermost perimeter, the elderly and the children.

Just like that, they formed concentric circles around the airship. Every single stratum was a boundary that must not be trespassed by those of the outer layer.

At the outermost of the concentric circles were the movement zones for the children. Several hundreds of children rummaged through the rubbish to look for seemingly non-existent food.

Among them, there was also an emaciated young boy who was rummaging through with all his might.

He was around seven to eight year old and it was difficult to peer into his original appearance through that dirtied face of his. The adult shirt he wore covered him as though a long robe. However, the shirt was so tattered that rather than a shirt, it felt like a rag with numerous holes strung over him instead.

His little hands were filled with lacerations from clawing on the ice-cold rubbish. Many of these lacerations were festering, but he seemed to be oblivious to the pain as he continued to claw at the huge pile of rubbish before him with all his might.

He had already gone three days without food. If he was unable to find anything to eat by today, it would be impossible for him to persist on until the arrival of the next airship.

However, regardless of how hard the young boy tried, he was unable to find anything edible.

These sectors were only left to these kids who weren’t even ten yet after being rummaged innumerable times by others. These kids were the weakest bunch of the entire junkyard. Sometimes, when the stronger of the lot were unable to find food, their hungry gaze would be directed… towards the elderly and children.

This was the land of the abandoned, the graveyard of the airships. Anyone who was able to survive here was not any different from wild beasts. In fact, even wild beasts lived with even greater pride than them!

The burning desire for life fueled this young boy, preventing him from giving up. He dug through the trash ceaselessly and many of the wounds on his body tore open once more due to his excessive use of strength. Blood flowed out from his body, but he was oblivious to it.

Once again, a rain of trash fell from the sky and of it, a slightly larger trash bag fell beside this young boy.

The outer casing of the rubbish bag was ripped open by the impact and amidst the useless trash, an oiled paper bag rolled out. In an instant, it held onto the fixated gaze of the young boy. There were oil stains on the paper bag!

He immediately lunged forward with the agility of a wild cat and embraced the oiled paper bag tightly within his hands. He didn’t even try to open it to ascertain what was inside. Instead, he hid it within his clothes while scanning his surroundings warily. After which, he carefully crawled to the outer perimeters.

Competition existed even amidst this group of children, they snatched from one another for food, sometimes even resorting to murder! The brutality of their world paled nowhere in comparison to that of the adults.

The young boy was extremely thin. He was considered to be one of the weaker ones amongst the children of this junkyard. If one of the stronger and older kids were to discover this private stash of his, a heavy beating was the lightest punishment they would enforce upon him.

Fortunately, the young boy managed to avoid the line of sight of the older children and successfully escaped from this region. He seemed to have been born with keen senses and somehow, he managed to be a single step ahead of those older children who were even more fearsome than the savage beasts.

After crawling a distance away from the remnants of the airship, the young boy immediately frenziedly sprinted away. After traversing across another mountain of rubbish, he crawled into a metal barrel.

This was his private dwelling, a resting place for him to escape the storm. In the mind of the young boy, this small space of only a meter square big was his utopia.

He carefully took out the oiled paper bag. Holding his breath, he slowly opened the bag.

There was a bread within the paper bag! A bread that was only nibbled on!

At first sight, the young boy knew instantaneously that this object was called bread. He had never seen any complete food in the junkyard, but he was unable to recall where and when he learned of the name of such an object.

In reality, that was only an ordinary piece of round bread. In the upper continent, even the lowest peasant would throw it away after taking a bite of it, just like the one in the young boy’s hands. However, in this junkyard, it was an object that was worth numerous human lives.

Taking it closer to him, he was able to smell the faint scent of wheat. Somehow, the little boy felt the pain on him disappearing without a trace. Carefully grabbing onto this bread, he was unable to believe the fact that he was able to find such a treasure.

Was this a dream?

A droplet of blood oozed out of his injury and falls onto the bread. The young boy exclaimed in shock and hurriedly used his hand to wipe away the blood and sweat from his body. With a depressed expression, he looked at the bread once more with an expression as though a sacred relic had been defiled.

At this moment, the little boy’s stomach grumbled. Through intense convulsions of extreme pain, his stomach expressed his desires for it. Thus, he tore away the part of the bread stained with blood and mustering all of his determination, he prepared to threw it into his mouth.

Yet, his hands stopped in midair.

A little girl had appeared out of a sudden outside the metal barrel.

She looked as though she was just four or five year old. There were black and gray streaks all over her face, burying her original skin tone. However, reflected in the contours of her face was a future beauty. Her large sparkling eyes were exceptionally beautiful and it was fixated on the bread in the little boy’s hands.

The young boy sat up as his left hand secretly reached out for a metal bat which he had sharpened by the side. This was the basic reaction of one living in the junkyard. When the food in one’s hand was seen by another, it would often end in a life and death battle.

The little girl didn’t escape. Rather, her eyes were glued onto the bread, not even moving an inch away from it.

The young boy slowly placed the bat in his hand down. After hesitating for a very long time, he made up his decision and tore the bread into two before passing half of it to the little girl.

The movements of the young boy were extremely slow and his hands were trembling. His forehead was filled with sweat beads, and the wounds all over his body and his stomach were protesting through intense pain.

However, the bread still reached the hands of the little girl.

The little girl was unable to believe her eyes. Grabbing tightly onto the bread, she rubbed her eye multiple times before ascertaining that it wasn’t a dream.

She immediately stuffed the bread into her mouth. In a few moments, that round bread that was even larger than her fist disappeared in that tiny mouth of hers. Perhaps, the entire process didn’t even take three seconds!

After finishing the bread, she licked the residue off her hands before lifting her gaze. For the first time, her eyes were focused on the appearance of the young boy. After studying his appearance for a moment, she took off as fast as she could.

The young boy was conflicted. He didn’t know what this emotion he was feeling was, nor did he know the reason behind his choice. All he could do was to slump to a seating position. Perhaps, the pure eyes of the little girl touched a certain emotion in the depths of his heart?

However, what was this weird thing called emotion? The young boy leaned against the walls of the barrel, carefully tore a small piece of bread and placed it in his mouth. He didn’t swallow instantaneously. Instead, he savors it in his mouth, using his tongue to experience the fragrance of wheat.

At this moment, the voice of a young girl could be heard from beyond his dwelling. “There is delicious food in his hands! You promised to give half of it to me!”

The young boy’s heart sank to the depths. He saw a few older kids standing outside his dwelling.

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