LoHP Chapter 67: The Arrival of the Wang Clan


Library of Heaven’s Path

Author: 横扫天涯

Raws: http://book.qidian.com/info/1004179514

Translated by: StarveCleric
Edited by: Thaddpole & Tortex

Chapter 67: The Arrival of the Wang Clan


Hohoho, bonus chapter of the day
Many people had said the progress of the story is slow
And my editor has asked me about it as well
So here we go.

I do have a little bit of stockpile (You will know if you go to my Patreon page) but I am alternating between series so… Pardon me for being unable to post them all (Well, most of them are unedited anyway)
I will sustain my 1 chapter/day though
(probably gonna schedule them at 12PM +8GMT as always)

And I am sorry for ending your day with a cliffhanger.
Til tomorrow then.

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