LoHP Chapter 59: The Frenzied Students


Library of Heaven’s Path

Author: 横扫天涯

Raws: http://book.qidian.com/info/1004179514

Translated by: StarveCleric
Edited by: Thaddpole & Tortex

Chapter 59: The Frenzied Students

Sneaking in an advertisement for my Patreon~

Btw, taking a rest for the moment for Heaven’s Shadow.
I do love the series, though it doesn’t have much English readers.
I will probably go on translating it in awhile. For now, I need to stock up on some chapters for other series.

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2 Responses to LoHP Chapter 59: The Frenzied Students

  1. nono says:

    FWIW, I have Heaven’s Shadow on my to-read list, but given that it’s more of a novel than other series I want(ed) to have a LOT of chapters before I start (this week’s large batch _almost_ pushed me into it). Even some of the other series I stack chapters to enjoy them more, when they are not ~throwaway fights and the only development that happens is enemy name changes and MC level increase by one or two.. Already did story beat catch up twice with LoHP 🙂
    But I understand it’s hard to make decisions based on people who “might read it later” 😐


    • StarveCleric says:

      Probably will continue pushing more chapters of it out soon. I like the series, but find it hard to translate cause of its descriptive language. Somehow it is hard to bring out the ideas in it :X I feel guilty cause I compromised on a few portions where it is harder to translate.


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