Adonis CH12: ‘Treat you well’ (2)

Chapter 12: ‘Treat you well’ (2)

Just like the previous time, Gu Yu Sheng ravaged her like a ferocious beast.

His skin, although burning up, sent shivers to the depths of Qin Zhi Ai’s body with every touch.

She craved to escape but his tight grip on her waist rendered her efforts ineffective.

His every move was rough, causing her unbearable pain, like a sharp knife continuously slicing her body.

Unwilling to beg for mercy, she clenched her jaw and wiped all emotions from her face, choosing to endure the pain in silence.

Unfortunately, it worsened with every stroke as every cell in her body screamed in pain, the experience rendering increasingly unbearable with the extended time. Afraid that she would not be able to persevere and start to cry, Qin Zhi Ai forced herself to mentally count numbers.

At first, the counting was effective but after that, the overwhelming pain started to break her concentration. At one moment, she was counting ’59’ but the next moment, the number jumped to ’57’.

Qin Zhi Ai didn’t know how many rounds of messed up counting she did before Gu Yu Sheng finally let her go.

Once it ended, Gu Yu Sheng got up and ripped the bed sheet off the bed, wrapped it around his body and sauntered to the washroom.

The Qin Zhi Ai left behind felt like she had lost half her life, limped on the bed and stripped off of the energy to even breathe.

As she was about to pass out from fatigue, the door to the washroom opened, and Gu Yu Sheng walked out, all washed up and dress in a clean set of clothes.

He ambled across the room, looking astonishingly elegant as buttoned up his sleeves. As he passed by the bed, he glanced at Qin Zhi Ai.

Perspiration from the resistance she put up stained her face, smudging her make up beyond recognition. Strands of her wet hair stuck onto her face and her exposed skin was covered in a combination of light and dark bruises. At some areas where he probably exerted more force on, a shade of black and blue emerged.

Despite witnessing the pitiable state he left her in, the expression on his face remained as before. Instead, he averted his gaze and resumed his walk out of the room. Two steps was all he took before he suddenly halted and even retracted a few steps to stop beside the bed. He stretched out his hand to grasp her chin, pulling her face up to meet his and slightly lowering his head towards her ear.

His eyes sharpened and an intimidating aura shrouded the space. Although his tone was monotonous, a threatening undertone ensued, “If you enjoy the treatment I gave you just now, feel free to continue your antics and complain to grandfather. I’ll gladly accept the challenge anytime!”

“However, Liang Dou Kou, I’m warning you first, the next time will not be as easy as today. I have many means, if you would like to try them one by one, come by all means!”

Leaving these words, Gu Yu Sheng slammed the door shut and left.

As the sounds from Gu Yu Sheng’s car faded from the yard, a knock could be heard on the bedroom door, followed by the wobbly voice of the housekeeper, “Miss~ Are you ok?”

Qin Zhi Ai, claimed by fatigue, was in no mood. However, the housekeeper knocked on the door again, “Miss, can I come in?”

Fearing that the housekeeper might really enter and witness her current embarrassing state, Qin Zhi Ai painstakingly mustered up some energy to reply, “I’m fine. I just want to be alone for awhile.”

The entrance was shrouded in silence for a moment before the voice of the housekeeper filled the air, “Miss, I’m sorry, Old Master Gu forced me.”

Translator note: ARGHHH, I hate the housekeeper >.<

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7 Responses to Adonis CH12: ‘Treat you well’ (2)


    Thanks so much for all your hard work and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


  2. Finally the mention of the name of the person they think the mc is!


  3. Maid Chan says:

    Can’t complain to grandpa ? How about she complain to the police next time ?

    Liked by 1 person


    I was absolutely sure i’m browsing the ‘josei’ genre and not ‘Horror’. But the description of this chapter just left me with a deep scar.


    • kasire says:

      I hate the male MC too but most of all, I’m absolutely disgusted by the housekeeper who made Qin Zhi Ai suffer for her decision, letting the male MC misunderstand the female MC, then hypocritically come up to show such halfhearted care in the aftermath.

      Nonetheless, I can understand the dilemma of the housekeeper too. >.<

      Liked by 1 person

      • OPN says:

        IA. She’s in a terrible situation to be in and caught between two powerful men whom she is under their employ.

        So now the truth comes out. He thought she is someone else. Wonder what that person did to make him so devoid of human compassion.


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