CH5 The Adonis Next Door (5)

Chapter 5: The Adonis Next Door (5)

He was biting on a cigarette, one hand resting on the car’s window, the other on the steering wheel. Coupled with the white shirt he’s wearing, the scene exuded a laid-back atmosphere.

Qin Zhi Ai raised her hand and knocked lightly on the car window to announce her arrival to Gu Yu Sheng.

Gu Yu Sheng, alerted by the sound, briefly raised his eyelids and gave Qin Zhi Ai a quick once-over before retracting his gaze, turning his attention to the pathway in front and slowly exhaled a pretty ring of smoke.

Through the layer of smoke, Qin Zhi Ai could clearly see his slightly pursed lips and the tint of unhappiness tainting his captivating face.

The way his expression fell the second she appeared……

Qin Zhi Ai stood beside the car awkwardly for a few minutes before embarrassingly stretching out her hand to open the car door and crawled inside.

However, before she could sit properly, Gu Yu Sheng floored the gas and the car jerked forward.

Qin Zhi Ai uncontrollably fell backwards and instinctively grabbed the nearby handle. She waited for her body to regain equilibrium before proceeding to fasten the seat belt.

In the meantime, she peeked at the profile of Gu Yu Sheng through the corner of her eyes, noting the ever colder expression he’s wearing as compared to before she boarded the car.

Prior to boarding the car, she was mulling over whether to greet him but this dilemma promptly evaporated as the sensation of her tongue being frozen over overwhelmed her.

To make things worse, Gu Yu Sheng detests Qin Zhi Ai to the state where he wished she would disappear from his sight forever. So naturally, he would not take initiative to talk to her.

The driving Gu Yu Sheng smoked one stick after another. Hence, other than the occasional flicking sound from the lighter, silence flooded the space in the car.

This numbing silence lasted all the way to the backyard of the Gu main mansion.

As Gu Yu Sheng killed the engine, he conveniently doused the cigarette in his hand, and without looking at Qin Zhi Ai, opened the car door and alighted from the car.

Nevertheless, instead of leaving in a hurry, Gu Yu Sheng stood beside the car and waited for Qin Zhi Ai to alight before walking towards the house entrance with her.

When they were nearing the mansion, Gu Yu Sheng suddenly grabbed Qin Zhi Ai’s hand without any warning, causing Qin Zhi Ai’s body to freeze up. She instinctively tried to retract her hand. As if sensing her will to evade, Gu Yu Sheng tightened his grip on her hand while proceeding to ring the door bell with his other hand.

Having failed to evade, Qin Zhi Ai covertly raised her eyelid and examined the Gu Yu Sheng who was ringing the doorbell. Although his palm emanated warmth, it was in contrast to his ice-cold facial expression and the obvious look of disgust in his eyes.

Qin Zhi Ai was startled by her observation and before she could fully comprehend the meaning behind that expression, the door opened.

The one who opened the door was Zhang Ma. She beamed with joy upon seeing Gu Yu Sheng and Qin Zhi Ai, warmly welcoming them inside while concurrently retrieving 2 pairs of indoor slippers for them. She then jogged upstairs to alert Old Master Gu, “Old Master Gu, Young Master and Young Madam have arrived.”

Gu Yu Sheng and Qin Zhi Ai have finished changing their shoes and were stepping into the living room when Old Master Gu descended the stairs .

Gu Yu Sheng suddenly inclined his body, lowered his head to Qin Zhi Ai’s level and convincingly moved his lips beside her ear.

From others’ point of view, it may seem like they were having an intimate moment with Gu Yu Sheng whispering some secret to Qin Zhi Ai, but only Qin Zhi Ai knows that he did not say anything.

Furthermore, his close proximity was accompanied by the warmth of his breath that lightly spread across her neck, making her heartbeat quicken, and rendering her feeling a little anxious and helpless.

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  4. OPN says:

    The fine line between hatred and love. And his feelings towards her is so intense. I wonder what drove him to sleep with her.

    Thanks for your hard work. Much appreciated.


  5. Still full of rage!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!


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