Alright, just gonna update you all on the password thing.

So, I’ve already moved my chapters to gravitytales and thus, I’m going to lock up most of the content here. The reason why I am just going to lock them is cause this is the first wordpress I have made and despite it being shabby, I’m actually kind of contented with it.

I will still be continuing to post locked chapters here (because I use this website as a platform to translate and transfer it over to gravitytales)

Also, I’ve got a new editor, milkbiscuit (he is working on quite a few series now, and he is a very capable editor) so the English should be getting much better from 69 onwards.

And please comment more 😛 I like reading comments and theory haha


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3 Responses to Update

  1. ANIMEPLEX says:

    Can I get the password? I won’t share and i like reading comments


  2. Fakename says:

    ill comment here since dont want to sign at gt. thnxs for the heads up though.

    Liked by 1 person

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